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How Digital Printing Sublimation Differs with Roller Dye Sublimation 

How Digital Printing Sublimation Differs with Roller Dye Sublimation 

Printing of custom-made designs on the Roman shades has changed the way Roman shades have been used. You could only use the shades with the colors you bought them. This has now changed as you can now have the shades printed with the design of your choice. 

Two technologies are used to print designs on the shades. There is digital printing sublimation and roller dye sublimation.

Digital printing sublimation

This is the latest technology in the printing of designs on curtains and shades. The technology comprises the use of a printer that has sublimation ink to print the desired image on a transfer paper or on the fabric. Then using heat, the image is transferred from the paper onto the fabric.

Roller dye sublimation 

This method uses a roller machine to transfer images, patterns and words to the fabrics. This is by use of heat to transfer subliming ink from the machine to the fabric directly. This method has commonly been used to create designs on fabrics.

Comparison between roller dye and digital printing sublimation

The basic role of the two methods is to print designs on to the fabrics. Despite that, they do it differently with roller dye sublimation using a roller machine that transfers the sublimation ink in to the fabric. The digital printing sublimation uses a printer with sublimating ink to create the design on a transfer paper or on the fabric.

The two methods have differences in areas such as:

·Use of colors

The print can be done using many colors when using digital printing sublimation. The printer only needs to be set with the sublimation colors. The roller dye sublimation may only use a few colors to print. This means that there is no diversity of colors when using roller sublimation, which is available in digital printing.

·Cost of production

It costs much more to print designs on the fabrics using digital printing sublimation. This is because of the cost of the heat transfer paper and the pressing of the image on the fabric of the shades. The cost of printing using roller dye sublimation is much lower since it only needs the setting up of the machine with the dye sublimation colors and the use of fabric. Roller sublimation uses large quantity of fabric and so there is economy of scale in printing the fabrics.


·Quantity of materials needed for printing

Printing a design using digital printing can be done on any length of fabric. This is unlike using the roller dye, which requires at least 1000 yards of material. This makes digital printing favorable for custom printing of materials in small quantities.

·Set up cost

The setup cost for roller sublimation is higher than for the digital printing. This is because it depends on the size of the metal roller and the number of colors to be used. The bigger the roller the higher the setup cost. In addition, the more the colors the higher the set up cost.   This is unlike digital printing, which only needs the printer to be set for printing.

·Time taken

To print an image using digital printing sublimation takes only a few hours while using the roller dye printing can take days.

·Size of the image

While using digital printing, an image of any size can be printed. It can be either large or small. This is not the case with rollers dye sublimation, which has a minimum and a maximum size of an image is which can be printed.

·Custom orders 

Custom orders can only be done using digital printing. This is because an image of any size can be printed. This is unlike the use of roller dye, which needs a minimum of 1000 yards fabric for printing of the design to take place. 

In conclusion, printing fabrics using digital printing sublimation is faster with better quality designs due to the printing process. Designs of any size can be printed on the Roman shades. In the case of roller dye sublimation, the cost is much less. Despite that, the minimum length that the designs can be printed on is 1000 yards, which is too large for custom designs. There is also a limitation on the size of design that can be printed on the fabric.


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