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A Look at Window Shades & Blinds through the Ages

A Look at Window Shades & Blinds through the Ages

We see window shades everyday of our lives. They are in our homes and the stores we shop in, and the other businesses we are frequent. We see them so often that we take them for granted, we may not even really notice whether they are there because we simply expect them to be hanging over windows. When did we start to use these items to cover our windows and why?

Many people say that the Roman shades came to be because of the Coliseum during the ancient Roman times. The Coliseum hosted all manners of exhibitions and games. It was naturally dusty in the area and the heavy traffic going to the Coliseum only added to the dust. The people who lived in close proximity to this arena started to hang damp clothes over their window openings to block out this dust.

The idea of using fabric to cover the openings and keep the dust outside grew popular and adjustments were made to the idea. Frames were constructed so that the pieces of fabric could be lifted using a series of pulleys or cords. We still use Roman shades today that are flat fabric pieces that lift using cords. Today at Ostanding you can have these items customized and created in unique designs.

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