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History of Shades: An Evolution from Regular Shades to Roman Shades

History of Shades: An Evolution from Regular Shades to Roman Shades

As society saw every tool and material being evolved over the passage of time, so did window treatments


In 1940s, first ever window coverings were made up of plain pieces of waxed paper and oil linen intended to keep the light, rain, snow, heat and dust out from homes. 1960’s saw people switching from heavy draperies to shades which started off as durable and lightweight aluminum shades. To help cut-off energy crises of 70’s era, window dressing industry innovated honeycomb shades in 1980s. This product used to trap air inside to keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. In 1990s, silhouetted shades were introduced with light-control and super-soft fabric vanes hanged between two fabrics. After that, 2000 saw remote-control systems for shades controlling indoor privacy, light at the touch of a button as well as versatility in fabrics and design used. Instead of just using Roman blinds to drape big windows, mostly people in the present prefer to go beyond regular Roman shades because, not only do they improve the aura of the house, but are also maintainable. 


Roman shades, originally from Rome, were held in Rome’s Coliseum as huge retractable coverings used to protect people from sun and dust, which was largely due to construction in that era. Erected on long poles, with large pleats made while retracting, the system was similar to what modern roman shades provide. Offering “Romanesque style” to window décor, today’s roman shades come with variety of color, material, and designs. Whether cordless, blackout, or top-down, bottom-up, roman shades are the modern appeal to interior décor.


Ostanding’s Customized Roman Shades: An Artistic Expression, Every Time


Ostanding has moved further from Roman blinds and given them a unique touch: customization. With the freedom to choose any image, any size or fit, Ostanding will print the finalized image later onto the fabric, thus customer is the artist breathing life into his creation, customized roman shades, so uniqueness is visible in every piece.


Preselected images available on the website, or any uploaded images and design by the customer can be digitally transferred to the fabric. This custom shade can be easily replaced with a new designed fabric, easily detachable from the frame to change the look of the room. 


Ostanding provides endless choices of designs ranging from traditional to contemporary. Pre-designed images save you time, effort for endless search in market and heavy expense as well as convenience in operation with bottom-up/top-down lifting systems. Thus, encouraging enhanced control over light and privacy.


With no compromise on quality, style, order-size, design and colors, Ostanding’s customized Roman shades are of high-resolution and sewn personally making them durable, easily maintainable. Ease to order from the convenience of home, from laptop or mobile these cost-effective custom shades will be delivered fast at home or at any commercial site required.


Perfect fittings and without any problem in functionality, these custom shades from Ostanding will enhance any home or commercial décor. Whether large-sized or small-sized, pre-chosen images or uploaded these shades are fit for every type of indoor environment. The sheer flawlessness of their quality, color, resolution and size; the aspect of being interchangeable and replaceable, and cost-effectiveness makes these personalized Roman shades the best option for a customer. Ordering these from Ostanding will definitely enhance the style of a domestic or commercial place and there will be no need to spend more on accessorizing the place.

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