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7 Themed Kitchen Window Treatments

7 Themed Kitchen Window Treatments

Kitchens are rooms we use daily. They need to be functional and have appealing decorations that make us feel more comfortable. If you want a pleasing environment to cook, then this article can help you choose a kitchen window treatment that makes a statement and gives your kitchen an interesting charm.

1.     Modern Updated

This look can favor kitchens with modern designs, metallic or wooden accent and minimalistic designs. For the windows you can choose curtains with solid colors than can be neutral like gray or white. You can also use the curtains to add bright colors to the minimal design. Blinds in white, beige and earth tones can complement the metal and wood counters. White semi-transparent shades with natural fibers can also be employed to create balance.

2.     Country Style

This is a very rustic approach and gives your kitchen a warm and embellished look. The kitchen window treatments have patterns like plaid and flowers. Colors like red, orange or yellow can make the room inviting. Tiers, swags and or valances adhere to this particular style. Don’t forget about adding decorative rod to complete the look.

3.     Bohemian Feel

The bohemian kitchen is simple yet colorful and full of embellishments and decorations. For the kitchen window treatment you can add multi colored, patchwork, flower patterns, or beaded curtains. They can be long or short and very flowy. Use bold strong and bright colors or a nature oriented palette like greens and earth tones.

4.     Classic Look

The classic look of kitchen window treatments is characterized by the use of fruits as patterns or flowers. It is a mixture of country and modern styles. White shades are also used. Keeping the curtains simple and short is what gives the traditional aspect to this style.

5.     Natural Organic Appeal

If you’re a fan of the nature vibe, then you probably decorate your rooms with wood and earth tones. Therefore, for your kitchen window treatment you can use bamboo blinds or linen shades. Woven woods give a feel of being outside in nature. To complete the look add a lot of green plants to the rest of the room.

6.     Christmas Decoration

Decorating rooms for Christmas is a tradition and you can mostly apply it to any kitchen. The window treatment will be using the traditional red and green colors. The curtains can also contain patterns of mistletoe, candy canes, or poinsettias. You can also add pine and bows around the window. If you want a truly well decorated kitchen, hang lights and traditional Christmas tree decorations along.

7.     Wooden Theme

Most kitchens have wooden accents whether modern ones or classic and traditional. If you want to stick to that theme buying wooden blinds is a good option. Just make sure the wood tone matches the rest of the counters and cupboards. You can also add sheer curtains on top of the blinds.

The style you pick for your kitchen window treatment needs to balance or highlight the rest of the room. There are many options to choose from and these are just 7 looks you may want to try if you are remodeling or personalizing your new kitchen. Remember that fabric curtains need to be washed and if you want to avoid the maintaining them clean you may want to opt for the bohemian beads or the blinds.  

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