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Tips on Protecting your Outdoor Decorations and Landscaping Elements

Tips on Protecting your Outdoor Decorations and Landscaping Elements

Most people accumulate some yard furniture, pretty planters, or other outdoor decorations through the years that they display as a part of their landscaping themes. With outdoor decorations, there comes the challenge of protecting them from the elements, and keeping them clean, and pretty.

The elements of nature will do damage to man-made, and natural items over time. Nothing is completely safe from all of the elements, but you can protect what outdoor decorations you have with a little effort.

The elements and their consequences

• Rain – soaks into wood, it causes the ground to become moist where heavy objects sink, and it gives mold and mildew the moisture it needs to grow

• Ultraviolet rays of the sun – can bleach the color from plastics, and can make metal become too hot to touch, it can dry out wood, and it can cause glass items to heat to a point that they break.

• Wind – the wind dries things out. The biggest wind problem is that it can blow hard enough to knock things over and cause them to be broken.

• Cold weather – brings freezing temperatures that can cause expansion and contraction in materials used to create outdoor décor and after some time the pieces of décor will become brittle due to the cold

Protection tips for your outdoor decorations

1. If you are protecting wooden pieces, then you need to paint them with a good paint that coats all of the surfaces, or cover them in a protective sealant made to help them withstand water, wind, and rain. Be sure that you paint, or coat, the underside of the piece where it will touch the ground, because the underside is where most deterioration will begin.

2. Plastic items will need to be protected from the harsh rays of the sun. You cannot stop the sun from bleaching the color out of these items, but you can move them indoors to protect them, use them in shaded areas under trees or awnings, or you can give them coats of touch up paint to keep them looking nice.

3. Bricks and stones are subject to becoming breeding houses for slimy mold and fungus growth. A good mixture of one part bleach to two parts water will allow you to wash the slimy substance away and prevent its return.

4. Glass items should be kept out of the direct sunlight to prevent them from over-heating.

5. Metal chairs, benches, and other items should be placed under a tree, or under an awning to protect them from becoming extremely hot.

6. Fabric covered items, like patio furniture cushions, and umbrellas, should be placed in a sealed storage box when they are not in use to help keep them dry. You also want to minimize the amount of sun exposure, they have to keep the sun from bleaching them. You can buy a protective spray to coat these items with to help make them shed water instead of wicking it up.

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