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Tips and Ideas for Landscaping Wooded Areas

Tips and Ideas for Landscaping Wooded Areas

Wooded areas are serene, they have beautiful features for you to use in your landscaping, and they are a challenge because you do not want to interfere with Mother Nature, yet you want to bring out more of the things you like. Careful planning is required in order for you to landscape wooded areas properly.

When you have a naturally wooded piece of property, you want to landscape it so that the natural beauty is retained, while bringing out the parts of nature you like the most. You need to first take a good look at your property and try to determine what you can do to improve it, and how you can make these improvements without interrupting what Mother Nature has been happening.

Keep the wildlife in mind

Wooded areas have wildlife that call them home. You want to do your landscaping so that it enhances the beauty without taking away from the animals that call it home. You need to know what types of wildlife are likely to be found in the area and adjust your landscaping techniques to provide them with the things they need, and to protect the items you do not want them to damage. This may include establishing feeders for birds, or squirrels, or erecting fences to keep animals away from outdoor decorations.

Use Native Plants

You are best served in your landscaping efforts if you use native plants as the main source of decorations. Native plants will not endanger any wildlife or other plants in the area. The native plants will grow properly without any extreme measures to provide care for them.

Leave the Leaves

The fallen leaves from the trees in a wooded area provide much needed mulch for the plant life in the area. You can use those fallen leaves to create walkways, and as mulch around trees, and shrubs.

Add Water Effects when you can

If you add a small pond, or a small water garden to a wooded area, you enhance the beautiful sounds of nature. You will also be encouraging the wildlife to come and drink so be sure that the water plants you select are not poisonous to the natural wildlife, or block the pond in an area that is fenced to keep the wildlife visitations to a minimum.

Stay Away from Man Made Construction Materials when you can

When you are constructing benches, tables, raised flower beds, or visual focal points in a wooded area you should try and use natural building materials instead of man-made versions. Use natural wood and stone that can be found in the area so that you allow the area to retain its natural balance.

Use Layers of Plants

You want to place tall trees that create large canopies to the back of the property so that you can place increasingly smaller trees and shrubs towards the front. This will create a natural backdrop that allows each plant size to have a moment in the limelight. 

Plant some trees that will have leaves changing colors in the fall and try to keep a few evergreens in the mix so that you create a warmth to the visual picture.

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