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Plant Suggestions for Landscaping your Yard

Plant Suggestions for Landscaping your Yard

In the southern states, year-round color can be achieved through the proper plant selection. In the spring, you can plant shrubbery like azaleas to bring color to your yard, and daffodils are some of the first flowers of spring, forsythia Mandeville, drooping wisteria vines, dogwood trees, a bearded iris, and other early bloomers.

In the summertime, you will want plants that can handle the heat a little better so you might want to choose a hydrangea bush, a crepe myrtle tree, and daylilies. Day lilies come in many different color varieties, and these bulb plants will come back up each year so you do not have to re-plant your flower bed. That saves you money. You will need to dig the bulbs up and separate them from time to time. Impatiens, zinnia, marigold, lantana, and gardenias all handle the summer heat well.

In the fall of the year, you want to plant those delicate pansies, because they love cool temperatures. Plant aster, and camellias to add color during the fall. Mums are great fall plants and a sugar maple tree will add delightful color with its changing leaves. 

In the winter, you can still enjoy the color by planting a flowering quince, amaryllis, winterberry, and rosemary. Plant a blue spruce for the distinctive coloration all through the winter.

If you live in dry climates, then do not forget that there are a lot of plants that require very little water, and they add extreme beauty to their surroundings. Cactus plants come in many different shapes, sizes, and formations. The flowers on a cactus plant are more intense in their colors than the flowers on any other plant. Cactus flowers will add a distinctive look to your arid yard each year, and some of those plants have edible leaves, or fruit that you will quickly learn to enjoy.

If you live in a colder climate, then there is nothing prettier than the first tulips shooting out of the ground with their vibrant colors. Southern homes can add the beauty of tulips, but you will need to keep the bulbs in the refrigerator from the time you dig them in the early summer until the middle portion of December when you put them back in the ground. Tulips are like the day lily in as far as they reproduce more tulip bulbs and they have to be separated. You can start with only twenty or thirty bulbs, and in a few years you will have hundreds of tulips to plant.

As often as possible try to stick with plants that are native to the portion of the world you are living in. Native plants grow better, they take less care, and they will be cheaper to buy.

You should also consider planting several of your favorite flowers in one area. Plant the flowers as close together as possible so that you create a flowering carpet surrounding trees, and structures in your yard.

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