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Here are Low Cost Maintenance Landscapes for your Clients

Here are Low Cost Maintenance Landscapes for your Clients

It is everyone’s desire to enjoy a lovely landscape around their home, but many home owners fear that they might end up spending too much time and money on the landscaping. So what are the ways in which you as a designer could advise your clients so that they can enjoy a low-maintenance landscape? Or even if you are not to advise them, how can you produce a great landscape for your client when they have given you a rather tight budget?

1. Drought-resistant plants

These will need less water and when they are pest resistant too, there will be reduced need to treat pest problems. The exact kind of hardy pants you decide to go for will depend on the location of the site.

2. Foliage not flowers

For the base plants, focus more on plats that have large foliage rather than going for flowers. This is because maintenance of flowers involves deadheading and regular maintenance. Large foliage with interesting color and variegated shapes and textures will work better since they would need less maintenance.

3. Evergreen plants

When working with evergreen plants such as junipers, you will realize that they grow rather neatly and so they end up requiring little trimming. Furthermore, some evergreens have needle like foliage and when this falls, it can be left for mulch because the needles are even too small to create much of a mess. 

4. Use small trees

Small trees shed less leaves and so they are easier to maintain and care for. Combined with large shrubs, they can provide adequate canopy for any area and it will even add to the interest of the landscape seeing as the canopy will be of different heights. 

5. Thrift store and recreated furniture

You need not to spend a fortune on new furniture. For cheaper alternatives which are just as good, you could consider recreating furniture that the owner already has. Recreation could involve doing something as simple as painting the furniture or even including a few engravings here and there. Thrift stores will also prove to come in handy at this point. Having such affordable furniture in your landscape will enhance the space by providing sitting space and it will also add to the appearance of the outdoor space.

6. Easy to clean materials

Natural stone is very easy to clean because instead of using water, you could just sweep it and it will look just as impressive. Besides, this would save on water too. Plastic and metal are also known for being not just durable but also easy to clean. Using composite wood could also be a great approach as it is durable and does not require annual painting or sealing; as is the case with other kinds of wood. 

7. Plants with natural form

Pick plants with naturally pleasing form and this will reduce the need for trimming to maintain a good form for your landscape design. When the plants you pick naturally maintain a tight neat form, then the homeowner will not have to keep pruning and trimming them. For increased interest, you could use plants of different forms.

As a landscape designer, it is up to you to advise your client on ways in which they could cut back on landscaping costs such that they may enjoy a lovely landscape even when working on a slim budget.

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