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Building a Garden Arbors

Building a Garden Arbors




A garden abhor enhances the beauty of the landscape. It can be used for the classic function of being a trellis to grapes, can be used as screens for privacy, to provide shades on patios and decks or for aesthetic use. They can also be used as archways to the entrance of a garden or as entry gates for fenced properties. Building one is an easy process that can be done in a cheap way. The steps below can guide you on building a small arbor for your garden. The materials you will need consists of rot resistant wood such as redwood or cedar, or pressure treated fir or pine, crushed stones or gravel, deck screws, premixed concrete, scrap lumber, bolts, washers and nuts. The tools needed are jigsaw, wheelbarrow, shovel, garden hose, handsaw, wood chisel, drill, ladder, spade bit, tape measure, hammer, file and wrench. The wood should be categorized into: four 8ft 2x4 and four 8ft 1x4. It should also have 13 4ft 2x2 or 7 8ft 2x2 that are cut in half or 13 deck spindles that are precut. Also have 72 ft lath or 24 pieces of 36 inches.

Dig holes

Make four holes for the 2x4 posts at a depth of 18 inches. The space in between should be determined by how wide you want the arbor to be. Place six inches of crushed stones or gravel into the holes.

Cut the lumber

The 2x4 lumber does not need to be cut. Cut the four 1x4 into a length of 7ft and 3 inches. The thirteen 2x2s should be cut into 3ft six inches with both ends having a 45-degree bevel. In the place of the 2x2s, you could have purchased precept spindles. The common lathe should be cut into twenty four pieces measuring 3 feet.

Assembling the sides

Lay two upright posts on their outside edges at two feet apart. Nail the lath pieces starting with the bottom and the top, followed by the other pieces. Nail the diagonal pieces. Repeat the process with the other two posts. Set the assembled posts into the holes making sure they are leveled. Fill the holes using pea gravel around the posts or the more traditional concrete mixture. The use of concrete mixture has been discouraged because of the bad effects on the wood. If using the concrete, pour it into the holes around the post until they are filled. Give the posts a day to dry.

Assembling the top

The top consists of the four top rails and the 2x2s. Lay the rails with the narrow sided facing up and mark spacing of 4 ½ inches for the 13 2x2s or the precut spindles. Fix the top rails with three screws of 2 inches for every joint. Use screws of 3 inches to fix the 2x2s on the marks made on the rails.


Once the top has been fixed, you can now paint the arbor or allow it to weather. If painting, first use the primer and then the top coat. You can now use the plants you had chosen for the arbor. Some of the vines to use include morning glory, thunbergia or cypress vine.




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