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Best Landscaping Ideas for the Time-Starved Client

Best Landscaping Ideas for the Time-Starved Client

A lot of people are very busy these days, and they do not have as much time as they would like to spend on taking care of their yards. For such clients, a landscaper will have to come up with a yard that is very easy to maintain. The following are some of the things that all exterior designers should consider when creating beautiful yards for clients who have very little time for maintenance.

Focus on the soil

Having great soil will make it easier for plants to grow, and this will reduce the amount of time that is needed for maintenance. A landscaper should pay considerable attention to the soil before choosing plants for a yard or garden. The use of organic compost will greatly help to improve the soil, and this will result in a healthy root system and a healthy plant.

Use environmentally friendly plants

It is important to consider the natural environment when choosing plants or flowers for a yard. Therefore, it is important for clients who live in hot and humid climates to stay away from plants that prefer cooler temperatures. If the client lives in a dry area, it is vital to choose plants that are drought resistant. The best way to know which plants are suitable for an area is to look at the native plants, especially those that are found in public gardens. Also, consider plants and flowers that are insect and disease tolerant, as these are easier to maintain. 

Install automatic irrigation, soaker hoses or drip irrigation

It is very important to water a garden or a yard in order to keep it looking healthy. A landscaper can make watering easier on their client by installing an automatic irrigation or a drip irrigation system. This way the client will be able to water their garden or yard less often but more deeply. They will also be able to conserve water and use less time when maintaining their yard. 

Use furniture that requires little maintenance

The material that has been used to make outdoor furniture should be ideal for the climatic conditions of an area. This way the client will not have to regularly clean and maintain the furniture. Stone benches are very easy to maintain, as they are not easily affected by adverse weather elements. Certain types of wood can also be ideal for outdoor furniture. 

Use prevention mechanisms

When designing for a client who does not have the time commitment needed to maintain a yard, it is always better to use different prevention mechanisms. For example, use weed-free compost from the start in order to prevent weeds from appearing all over the garden. Protect the different woods and materials that have been used in outdoor furniture in order to prevent them from being damaged by the weather. 

People with little time to spare will still want to have a beautiful yard or landscape. Therefore, knowing how to design a yard or garden that is beautiful and easy to maintain is one of the best skills for a landscaper to have.

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