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10 landscaping tips to help designers make the most of small gardens

10 landscaping tips to help designers make the most of small gardens

For a lot of exterior designers and landscapers, bigger is better when it comes to space available to indulge their creativity in order to come up with the best designs. However, landscapers do not always get to choose the jobs that they work on. They may be asked to design a small garden, and this will require some specific skills. The following tips will help designers put their creativity to the test in order to come up with a beautiful oasis for a small garden.

1. Stick to simple colors

If the space is small, it is always better to stick with simple colors. The plants and the flowers chosen could come from the same color family. It is also better to have containers that are of a similar hue.

2. Create a focal point

Look for a place where the different view angles intersect, and make that the focal point of the backyard or garden. This point should be able to command attention, but it should not overwhelm the small space. Examples of focal points could be fountains, sculptures, birdbaths or even a tree. 

3. Conceal anything that is undesirable

In small spaces, undesirables are usually very noticeable. However, a landscaper can use their creativity to easily conceal any unsightly features so that they do not take attention away from other beautiful parts of the backyard or garden. 

4. Make use of containers

In small spaces, containers can be great for gardening. This is because the plants can have a wonderful height variation as opposed to growing on the same plane. In order to add some flow, the landscaper should consider placing the various containers near focal points, in corners or by flower beds. This will help the landscaper to create a variety of small gardens throughout the yard.

5. Have a wide variety of plants

A lot of landscapers make the mistake of using the same plant too much in a small area. This usually tends to make the area appear smaller. The best thing to do is to subtly vary the plants that are used in the small space. One can stay within the same color family, but they should vary the leaf shapes and textures as well as heights. 

6. Appeal to the different senses

One way to create the illusion of space in a small yard or garden is to appeal to the different senses. For example, the landscaper can add a fountain that bubbles in the corner for sound effect. The sound usually appears to be coming from a further location than it actually is, and this helps to expand the illusion of space. One can also plant trees that let in a lot of light and have branches that sway in the breeze as this help to draw the attention of the homeowner and onlookers upwards.

7. Make use of the walls

In a small yard or garden, every space matters. The landscaper should not waste any space. They can make maximum use of the walls by adding creeping vines or even hanging baskets. 

8. Borrow from the surroundings

When designing a landscape, it is beneficial to look at what other people in the surrounding areas have done. These borrowed views can help the landscaper to properly layer the yard or the garden so that it does not look out of place.

9. Use art

Art is great for small spaces as it adds both interest and an element of surprise. Therefore, landscapers can add some fun to the small space by using a reasonable amount of garden art on different parts of the yard or garden.

10. Do not limit yourself to the garden or yard space

A small garden will benefit considerably from branching out of the designated garden space. In order to appear less scrambled, the landscaper can use window boxes to bring the garden to the window sill. They can use containers to bring the garden to the doorstop, or hanging plants to extend the garden to the porch. 

A small space can provide a creative hurdle for an exterior designer or landscaper. However, with these tips, designers will be able to come up with great ideas that will help them to transform even the smallest spaces into beautiful landscape designs.

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