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Techniques for Building Small Pools

Techniques for Building Small Pools

Many people decide to install a smaller pool as opposed to a larger swimming pool. There are several reasons in which they opt to have these smaller pools. A main reason is that they just do not have enough room in their yard for a bigger pool area. If you do not have a huge yard to develop an adequate space for a pool and still have some grass area, then you are clearly limited in how big or small your pool can be. However, simply because you cannot have a larger pool, that does not mean you have to sacrifice on style and attraction. Simply use your creative senses and upfront expenses and your small pool will pay off in more ways than one.

Most homeowners who have a limited amount of space in their backyards generally do not consider it practical to install a pool. They may believe that a pool with use up all of their yard space or a smaller pool will just look out of place. Nonetheless, when you use your sense of creativity, you can find great designs to suit your yard space just fine. Here are a few techniques to take into consideration when you are trying to design your small pool.

1) Place the pool in such a way that at least one edge of the pool runs along the side of a fence or natural border. Generally speaking, a conventional in ground pool can be accessed from every side. As a result, you have to build a pool deck or patio that fully encircles the pool. It also has to allow an adequate amount of room on all sides so that people can walk around it comfortably. A great space-saving method is to build the pool immediately adjacent to a fence, your house or even any other natural barriers, such as a row of trees or bushes. Even though you will have to give up at least one side of a pool deck, you can still have the luxury of having a pool and an ample amount of space for your yard.

2) Consider creating a unique pool shape. Most pools are generally rectangular, oval or circular in shape. However, you can design a pool in just about any shape you desire. When you use a free form design for your pool, you can take into account the space and shape of your back yard. If you are placing the pool alongside your house and a fence, you can create a design that fits in that space without being too obtrusive into the rest of the yard. You can have a truly unique design and be the envy of your friends and neighborhood.

3) Try to include elements that are found in nature when you are designing your small pool. You can create a pool to resemble a natural pond-like area. With the use of a free and flowing shape, your pool will look even more naturalistic in appearance. You can also incorporate items found in nature around your pool area, such as rocks and plants. If you want to further your unique style, you can even design a small waterfall on one side of the pool that is up against a barrier.

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