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Shine a light: how exterior lighting can enhance a home

Shine a light: how exterior lighting can enhance a home

Homeowners can now complement the way their houses look easily with the effects of fitting some modern exterior lighting.Taking the symmetryof your home as an example, you can create a striking look of order and regularity. Simply try adding to your façade by using matching effects like wooden doors, symmetrical metal railings, and perhaps an identical duo of sconces.

The effect ? It’s all in the details. The important features that cause you to choose a particular lighting fixture can often help you architecturally to emphasise the style of the outside look of your house.

For example, interestingly patterned glass and burnished metals like bronze used in sconces styled as lanterns can be used to enhance the facade of any home.

To add even more impact and surprise, think outside the design box. While vertical scale is often seen as the important aspect of design when lighting fixtures are being selected and chosen, it is also important not to ignore how things work horizontally too.

A front porch’s floor-to-ceiling height may not be very spectacular but both the width and the length of the space needs to be taken into account. Both can provide the all-important guidance you need in terms of design to help you decide what sort of sconces to use and what size orbs fit with the scale of the particular surroundings.

Keeping pace with developments in lighting technology, including light bulbs, is also significant, especially for those of us who are keen to use easy-to-install fittings, especially ones that last a long time and are able to conserve energy.

Advances in compact-fluorescent and LED technology, for example have not only enabled the use of bulbs that look like incandescent features – but they have also allowed these pieces of equipment to retain energy and heat - and last a long time.

None of us likes to make decisions so removing the decision-making hurdle is a bonus. When designing your exterior lighting you could simply choose to use a single family of fixtures. These families tend to have one design style with many different options. So one family of lighting fixtures may be made up of a chandelier, that can easily be matched with ceiling fixtures, sconces and pendants that all work together in terms of design.
You could have the same sconce both on an upper floor and at the front door with the chandelier that matches in the rooftop escape-hatch.
If you don’t go down the single family route then be careful to look closely at your choices. It stands to reason that different exterior lighting fixtures are going to have differing styles of arms. This doesn’t necessarily matter – but it could! Perhaps the contrast would be a good detail to enhance some of the existing architecture of your home.

Swing arms, which are common indoors because they are often easily moved and are great for things like reading, could also be adapted to enhance and emphasis any curls and scrolling on any ornate metalwork on the outside of the home.

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