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Recreational Exterior Designs

Recreational Exterior Designs

Recreational time for the great outdoors and your external design provides a great opportunity to set aside areas for some outdoor activities.  You may not have the space for tennis or badminton, but you could easily set up your own swing ball set. This is great fun that can be enjoyed by the entire family.  Of course if you have a spacious lawn, then make the effort to install poles and a net for some badminton or volley ball.  You can plant creepers around your poles so that they remain attractive fixtures and then it is just a matter of setting up that net and playing daily. Good exercise and not much effort involved.

Paint or tile a hopscotch project for a further exercise option.  Situate your hopscotch spot leading up to your front or back door or turn a long pathway into a “one-step, two step” exercise routine.  Your hopscotch spot can be stylishly tiled with subtle greys, carbon and black squares or choose contrasting earthy tones. Instead of tiles you could paint your squares on whatever suitable surface you have.  Go for a marbled look or a brightly colored circus design. Get the kids involved too.

Become creative and develop a mini golf course on your property. You have been complaining for years that you don’t get out enough. Use the space you have wisely and you might end up with several short runways with some challenging obstacles that encourage you to get off your couch. Select paved areas around your home or create new pathways in your garden that increase the challenge and add a water feature or rock installation for more fun. These are a few ideas that you can expand on that will get you out into the fresh air.

Hang boxing bags or a swing from a strong tree branch or build a see-saw and jungle gym. When it comes to children, a small but safe little mud bath could provide hours of entertainment.  Just make sure that you keep a hosepipe close by! Outdoor home activities would also not be complete without mounting a hoop for basketball or netball. But don’t stop at one - mount several against a length of wall to really get your heart pumping. 

Set aside a great space protected from the elements for yoga or Pilate’s session in the morning or to help you wind down after a long, hard day. If you have a swimming pool then make sure that it has great sun beds to laze on and umbrellas to protect you from the midday sun.  Install a water polo net so that you also get exercise between lazy breaks. If that sounds like too much effort then a leisurely barbecue and cool dips will hit the spot if that’s what you do best! If you have the means then a sauna or Jacuzzi at your pool are healthy ways to help you de-stress. Whatever floats your boat ensure that you enjoy your outdoor spaces.

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