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Metal Deck Railings and their Benefits

Metal Deck Railings and their Benefits

When it comes to the deck, nothing beats metal railings probably because they are long lasting and sturdier as compared to other options such as glass, PVC and wood. Apart from these benefits, metal railings are easily available in the market and come in such a wide variety and every variety has independent characteristics. This explains why metal railings are becoming a preferable option. Talk to your client and let him or her decide which metal railings he or she prefers. 

The available varieties of metal deck railings

1. Wrought Iron

If your customer wishes to have a vintage looking deck, then deck railings made from wrought iron are the ideal option. The beauty about deck railings made from wrought iron is that they are maintenance free and ideal for homeowners who have no much time in their hands. With just a fresh coat of paint and an occasional clean up, these railings can last for quite a while. However, deck railings made from wrought iron are heavy and irreparable. More so, design replacements for deck railings made from wrought iron are unavailable and this means that if broken or damaged, the only option is to replace the entire deck railings. 

2. Stainless Steel

If your client is looking for metal railings that are not only durable but also strong and easy to maintain, then stainless steel is the way to go. As compared to other varieties of metal deck railings, stainless steel maintains its luster for a longer while. This means that stainless steel is easy to maintain. Note that stainless steel has a higher work ability as compared to the other options. The beauty about this variety is that it is resistant to pressure and most of all it gives the deck a contemporary look. This means that it is ideal for homeowners who wish to have a modern look on the decks. 

3. Brass 

This is the most common and preferred metal for deck railing among homeowners with Victorian homes. Over the time, brass deck railings have lost their touch to other metal options. This means that brass is not easily available in the market. Brass is very demanding in terms of maintenance and it is important that you advice your homeowner beforehand. Brass also tends to lose their luster faster than the other metal options. 

4. Aluminum

This one is ideal for homeowners who wish to have light and durable metal deck railings. Aluminum shares the same qualities with stainless so you can imagine how flexible and easy to work with. Aluminum is also easy to shape and you can create structures that appeal to your customer. Most importantly, aluminum metal deck railings have a low work ability as compared to other materials. 

Why metal deck railings are the preferred option

Metal deck railings are lighter as compared to other options such as wood and glass. This makes them flexible and it helps that they sit well even in small decks. More so, metal railings suit one’s purpose. Metal deck railings are not susceptible to corrosion making them very durable. Most importantly, metal railings give you the option of customizing the deck with personal designs as per your customer’s wish. 

Unlike PVC or wood deck railings, metal deck railings can withstand adverse weather conditions. Considering that most homeowners are looking for deck railings that are easy to maintain, metal deck railings come in handy for such homeowners, as all they need is an occasional wipe with a wet and non-fluffy cloth.

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