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How to Get the Best Out Of a Big Patio

How to Get the Best Out Of a Big Patio

What happens when you find yourself having to design a big patio? As an exterior designer, this should be good news for you because then you will have a chance to explore the depths of your creativity. The reason why so many designers feel trapped when they are given the task of designing a big patio is because they are not quite sure how to go about the design.

A few guidelines to keep in mind are:

1. The entire patio should tie up into one element

When dealing with a big patio you have the chance to explore vast ideas, but this comes with the danger of creating many elements that do not appear to speak the same language. So when designing, always make sure that the patio can eventually be looked at as one space. You may have a gathering space for parties, you could include a play area for the kids and you could have an outdoor bar or a kitchen but in the end, make sure they all tie up to enhance the space harmoniously.

2. The patio should look like an extension of the house; not a separate entity on its own

Do the elements in your patio tie up with the house? Not only should the patio look like one element with all sections working together, but it should also look like an extension of the house. Essentially, there should not be a distinct difference between the house and the patio. When looking at the patio, the homeowner should feel like it’s just a part of the house “flowing outwards”. 

3. The furniture used in the patio should be proportional to the size of the patio

Small furniture will drown in a big patio whereas huge furniture will overpower a small patio. That is generally the rule of every space; regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors. As an exterior designer, choose elements that are at the same scale to the patio. For instance, go for the large tall flower vases rather than the small ones. Big dramatic sculptures will also work better in a big space as opposed to using smaller elements. 

4. Create a focal point

This could be anything – from a fountain, to a fireplace or a fire pit and even to a sculpture or a rock garden. The essence of a focal point is not just to create a common meeting point; but it could also create a spot around which you could arrange your furniture and orient views.

5. Variety is the spice of life

Embrace variety and create an interesting space out of the big patio you’re working with. You could vary the types of rocks used; combine hardscape and plants; vary the seating options and their setups; vary the privacy of a certain spot as contrasted to that of another, and so on. 

With variety, you will get to incorporate many elements within the big patio and instead of one getting bored with the large expanse; they will be looking forward to seeing what is behind a certain screen wall. As a designer, you could use variety to enhance the sense of exploration in that the people using the patio will find the space interesting as they walk through it.

Basically, it is virtually impossible to go wrong with a big patio as long as you think your plan through and take into consideration the points outlined above.

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