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Exterior Pallet Seating for Rustic Charm

Exterior Pallet Seating for Rustic Charm

Who knew that outdoor pallet furniture could add a dash of rustic charm in the exterior living spaces? Well, you will be surprised to learn that rustic pieces are making a comeback in many outdoors. You can use to turn a mundane piece of furniture into a spectacular one and impress your customers. 

Note that every homeowner wants an outstanding seating design in the patio and it is important to turn pallet seating into something that will amuse your customer. Thankfully, you can hardly go wrong with pallet seating as it creates a novel effect on the outdoors. The beauty about outdoor pallet seating is that it is versatile and tends to sit naturally with any type of exterior design. 

Why every Designer should Embrace Pallet Seating for the Exterior

If your client is looking to create a vintage ambience in the outdoors, pallet seating is the way to go. Every homeowner wants to create that sense of timelessness and a dash of rust charm goes a long way in creating a classic ambience. Pallet seating makes it easier for you as a designer to let go of your inhibitions. 

As pallet furniture is usually in neutral colors, you can toy with complementary colors as much as you want to create a sense of diversity. If your client wants to have a dramatic ambience in their outdoor living space, then you might want to incorporate bright colors and bold prints. If you are dealing with pieces such as reclaimed shipping pallets, you can sand it extremely to conceal rusty nails or hideous edges with paint. 

In some instances, your customer may request to have a bespoke pallet seating that will give his outdoor an appealing and outstanding look. In this case, let your creative juices flow and try a crafty pallet. You can engrave the pallet seating as some form of customization. Pallet furniture on the outdoors can convert an otherwise uptight outdoor into a very relaxing one. Pallet seating not only creates a sense of rustic charm, but it also makes a great spot for casual entertaining. 

How to create pallet seating from raw material

Can one make their own pallet seating? Yes, it is possible. Dismantle pallet wood and separate it into different sections. This will make it easier for you to handpick the desired pallet slats as per the necessary dimensions. Note that the pallet will contain hideous surfaces and rough edges but with the help of sandpaper, you can smoothen the edges. This will also brighten the wood grains.  

Dismantle the armrests and create designs of lounging seating. Let your creative juices flow and craft unique designs. If your customer wants a rustic charm, then dull and edgy pallets are the way to go. 

You do not have to be a genius to turn raw wood pallet into a charming outdoor seating. Color makes the exterior living spaces look the part of the main house. However, note that neutral colors are best for these spaces, and the seating could be completed by using striped pillows and cushions. 

Pallet seating makes a good statement about the tastes and preferences of the homeowner for their exterior living spaces. Comely outdoor pallet seating also creates a rustic charm in an otherwise drab looking patio or porch.

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