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About Outdoor Bars

About Outdoor Bars

So a client wants you to design an outdoor bar for them; where do you even start? No need to feel overwhelmed if you have never tried an outdoor bar design before. This article will actually guide you in doing just that.

First of all, perhaps the initial step would be to assess the anticipated location of the bar or the space provided. You will then get a general view of the amount of privacy offered by that particular location, the seating space it could provide as well as the ideal location of the counter. 

A couple of ideas you could pick up on are:

1. Anticipate mobility

As opposed to a proper commercial bar where people sit and expect to get served by waiters, in a home outdoor bar there will be a lot of movements and so include this in your design. Create traffic patterns and place furniture in such a way that people will interact freely with the space. 

Mobility would also come in handy in the serving of the drinks. Get trolleys such that anyone can access a drink from wherever they are. You could even crate a design whereby a drink dispenser will be used; allowing the guests to have access to drinks at their own pleasure and convenience. 

2. Make use of vertical space

Create shelves on the wall just behind the counter where you will display you drink as well as your glasses. Have the counter fairly high such that partakers could sit at the counter and enjoy a drink while talking to the host. Have the counter tall and narrow rather than wide to free up more floor space.  

3. Make it exotic

No need to have a boring outdoor bar. As an exterior designer, put your imagination and creativity to good use in designing this space. You could use old furniture and recreate it to fit the bar space. This could be anything from an old dresser, to a bookshelf. 

Rather than splurge a fortune on the bar decor, you could simply get castoffs from architectural salvage shops as well as flea markets.  You could even design a tiki bar to bring an island feel to your space.

4. Use existing focal points

Who is to say that an outdoor bar has to be an entity on its own? You could introduce it around existing features such as a swimming pool or a rock garden even. Swimming pool bars have the advantage of not requiring one to leave the pool just to get a drink; the party goes on right within the water.

5. Color

Splash some color around the bar and make it an exciting space to look at. Use color in the furniture used to decorate the space or even just incorporate in within the d├ęcor on the walls or the various surfaces. Varying hardscape and plants will also create quite an exciting result. 

6. Privacy

The bar should not be entirely secluded, but make sure it has a feel of privacy such that during any function, there will be separate zones for the kids and for the adults. Keeping the outdoor bar covered with an umbrella or a pergola is also a good idea to guard against bad weather.

Bars are exciting and so as a designer, you should bring that excitement into the space you are designing.

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