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3 Cute and Quirky Yard Ornaments Ideas for Cheap

3 Cute and Quirky Yard Ornaments Ideas for Cheap

Yards are fun places of self-expression and introspection, and are full of endless options for personalization and adding character in fun, easy ways that don’t have to break the bank. With these ideas as well as your own creativity, you can bring unique touches to your yard that will help set the mood and create and ambiance that is strictly “you”!

1. An old wooden chair as a bird feeder or bird bath

This one is relatively easy and will only cost a few dollars and a trip to a thrift store and the hardware store. First, find a nice, sturdy wooden or metal chair that catches your fancy and matches the look you want to achieve at the thrift store.  At the local hardware store, pick up a large, decorative plant saucer, and set a top your chair. Then, fill with bird seed or water, and watch the birds come have lunch on their little seat. It’s a cute little decoration that will fit into a rustic garden or a chic, manicured lawn, depending on the chosen chair. It also brings new feathered friends, which are fun to watch and enjoy.

2. Watering can planter

This easy project also requires a trip to the hardware store or thrift ship. Find a nice, metal watering can that matches your decor, drill a small drainage hole on the bottom, and fill with high quality potting soil and the outdoor plant of your choice. This will look great on a porch or near a garden, and adds a bit of country charm to where ever you set it. The drainage hole allows for healthy flow of water and ensures your plants will thrive with proper watering and sun. An arrangement of three or four of different sizes would really create a cute, whimsical look for any space and give the feel of a charming and cared for yard.

3. Beer bottle top wind chimes

The beer bottle top wind chime is a very easy craft with tons of appeal, and will add to the decor of a patio or other space where barbeques and other get-together. Simply save the tops of your favorite brew, and string together four or five strands connected at the top by an empty bottle or other trinket you find fitting. Length and topper are up to you, making this highly customizable for your own specific area and tastes. This simple craft will keep your outside looking cozy while showing the fun people that live inside. It also makes a wonderful gift!
Little projects like these add such a touch of personality and take such little time and money, that it’d be easy to fill a yard! These don’t have to be the end of your yard trinkets. Use you imagination at the thrift and hardware stores and there’s no limit to the unique ornaments you can make to spruce up your garden or add a little character!

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