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The cost of a home security system- what are the determining factors

The cost of a home security system- what are the determining factors

Installing a home security system ensures that you have peace of mind because it deters burglary and helps in home monitoring. However, it comes at a cost. Getting a definite cost is difficult based on the many factors that determine it. The cost will depend on the technology used, how many sensors you have used, the number of entry points and whether you have used a professional or have installed the system yourself. The services you will need after installation also determine the cost. 

Some of the factors determining the cost include:

Type of the alarm system

The alarm system type determines the initial cost of installation. Wireless systems cost much less, though they are more vulnerable and those providing free systems installations use them. Hard-wired security systems have high installation costs, though they are more reliable. The cost of each entry point, either a window or doorway is about 90 to 130 US dollars while each motion sensor costs 110 to 130 US dollars. This means that the total cost will depend on the size of your home, based on the number of entry points and motion sensors. A surveillance system will cost more than a basic alarm system.

To reduce the costs, you can install the home security system yourself and then pay for monitoring. Note that additional services cost extra. You may also find a company to install, maintain and monitor your system. Ensure that the company is local, and it provides full service without sub contracting the monitoring so that you can get service throughout and the best value for your money.

Additional services

If you prefer additional services such as monitoring, you will need to pay more. Using monitoring service means that the alarm company will also respond in case there is an intrusion alert. Avoiding the monitoring cost in the belief that the alarm by itself will deter criminals may not be beneficial considering that monitoring costs about 20 to 50 US dollars per month. For instance, if there is a burglary, and the alarm sounds, the entry way is left vulnerable and the burglar can return later and make entry. This would have been avoided if the alarm company were monitoring the alarm. The more features the home security system has, the higher the costs. If you include other features such as fire and water detectors, panic buttons and getting automatic calls on your phone when the alarm is triggered, then be prepared to pay more.

While considering the cost, it is also important to assess the benefits of an alarm system. While wireless systems are easy and cheaper to install, they are not a good option. The battery needs regular monitoring, and they may not have enough power to reach the farthest zone. This is unlike the hard-wired systems that cost more but more reliable. They do not succumb to battery problems or interference from other wireless components and cellular technologies. However, you should note that the wired systems should be installed during home construction.

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