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How do home alarm systems work in protecting homes?

How do home alarm systems work in protecting homes?

Installing home alarm systems ensures that one has peace of mind. However, have you ever wondered how these systems work? They consist of alarm sensors, motion detectors, alarm and the control panel.

The control panel and batteries

The control panel is the center of the home alarm systems. It is one of the important parts of the system which determines who is allowed to go in and go out, and who should not. When an alarm sensor is set off, the control panel knows there is an entry, and it begins a timer countdown. The alarm activates when no pass code is entered on the panel. If a pass code is entered, the alarm does not go off which means it is an authorized person entering. Some control panels can differentiate between a peaceful entry and a forceful one. Although the alarm system uses electricity, they also have batteries so that they can operate even if there is a blackout. Most of the batteries are rechargeable, and they are plugged in to charge constantly when there is power so that when it goes, they are fully charged and when power comes, they charge again.

Alarm and alarm sensors

During unauthorized entry, an alarm that gives sound is activated. This notifies those nearby that there has been an entry a fact that is likely to deter the burglar. The alarm also has a monitoring service that dials the monitoring company when it is activated, acting like a silent alarm. The company then notifies the police who respond. Alarm sensors are the ones that trigger the alarm in case a window or door is opened. They are the basic components of the alarm system. The sensors have two parts, a magnet and a circuit. The circuit has a metal switch, which the magnet closes. Opening a door or a window opens the magnet, and the circuit opens with electricity flow breaking. This triggers the alarm. The sensors are the most common because a break in causes the electricity not to flow setting the alarm off. This way, the intruders cannot disable the alarm by cutting the wires.

Motion detectors

Some home alarm systems have motion detectors. The detectors use radio waves that map a particular area, send out pulses, and they receive an echo. When an intruder gets into the area that is being monitored, the echo’s return is interrupted, signaling the system that there is something that has entered the area and thereby detecting motion. Other motion detectors have infrared scanners that help them to detect heat increase such as that generated by the body of an intruder. The rise in heat activates the alarm. For the home alarm systems to work, all these parts need to work together. The alarm sensor is triggered, and the control panel determines whether it is authorized entry or not. If it is authorized entry, the alarm is triggered, and it sends a signal to the monitoring company. Motion detectors help to detect if there is movement in the house.

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