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Sleep situations: why imagination is your best friend when getting some much needed rest and relaxation

Sleep situations: why imagination is your best friend when getting some much needed rest and relaxation

As a child, we would often plan our dream bedrooms, and having the most extravagant and spectacular fittings and finishes in our rooms. In fact, growing up, we’ve slowly moved away from these childhood dreams. Some people have kept dreaming, and you’ll be amazed at what is currently available in terms of modern day designs. An item that is often overlooked in terms of style options, the bed, is getting a facelift. Gone are the days where pillows and throws are the only way to make a bed pop out. After all, we tend to spend a good couple of hours on this piece of furniture.


Aquarium bed

Quite possibly this would have rated as the number one gadget to be featured in my dream bedroom as a child. Fashioned as a proper aquarium, this mammoth tank forms part of the headpiece of the bed. It will take some getting used to, as the aquarium is designed in such a way that your pillows will be underneath the tank. Constantly worrying about it breaking may keep you up a few nights though. There is no disputing though, this is an incredible design.


Magnetic bed

The sheer design genius of this bed makes it a worthy contender here. These beds are anchored with cables, as it uses industrial strength magnets. Definitely an interesting design concept and an incredible add to a minimalist space.


Murphy beds

Murphy beds have come a long way from being a bed most kids were afraid of getting stuck in. It definitely helped get kids out of the bed in the mornings. Murphy beds are now as adaptable to your environment as any other design piece, and something that caught my attention was the bunk bed option. This is an incredible design, and also features a built in ladder. Space saving has never been this easy, or stylish.


Cocoon beds

For those of us wishing we had a nice snug little cocoon to sleep in, once again we are spoil for choice. You can have a modern approach and choose a fiberglass option that even boasts a built-in sounds system or with built in lighting made to resemble the solar system, or you can go for a more natural basket weave type cocoon. The hanging cocoon is a definite favorite and these seem to be popping up more regularly nowadays.


Rocking bed

Ever sit in a rocking chair and nod off to sleep? This was most likely what happened to the designers of the rocking bed. The appeal of slowly being lulled to sleep will make this a good seller to some, however, waking up in the middle of the night and forgetting you’re on a rocking bed may pose a few balance problems. Simple things like sitting on the bed to tie your shoelaces may in itself now become exercise, and turning around in your sleep is now a distant memory, after all, you wouldn’t want to rock the boat.

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