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More than the eye sees: hidden compartments not only for valuables, but also to keep clutter at bay

More than the eye sees: hidden compartments not only for valuables, but also to keep clutter at bay

Ever go to someone’s house and wonder how they keep everything so neat, as there hardly seems to be storage space? Perhaps it’s time to look a bit harder, they may have incorporated some ingenious space savers. Incorporating hidden spaces may also just save you the heartache of losing your valuables to flighty fingers, where a safe is too obvious.


More than just a set of stairs

Why not utilize the space between stairs and incorporate drawers? These can be used to store seasonal clothing, linen, shoes, toys, whatever you find difficult to find space for. The fact that the drawers are only as deep as the depth of the stair will make items easier to get to.


Clever jewellery storage

Jewellery is just one of those things that can be a pleasure to wear and a horror to store. If you like a clutter free environment, however, don’t want to keep your jewellery in drawers, consider adding a panel behind an upright mirror, or having an extra compartment made to fit in to the side of a wardrobe or chest of drawers, thus not making it difficult to get to, and also not cluttering up your space.


Dryer and Iron Cubby

Your hair dryer and curling or straightening irons need no longer be an eye sore, or tangled up with other appliances in a drawer somewhere. By asking your local carpenter to add a cubby type shelf in the bathroom cabinet, or on your dressing table, you can access them easily when needed.


Valuables value add

Ever had the thought that you would like to put your valuables in a space that is not as easily accessible as a drawer, but also not as obvious as a safe? How about using dead space underneath your nightstand to have a secret drawer built in. Lots of other ingenious ideas are coming to the fore as well, floating shelves that slide away to reveal hidden compartments, TV cabinets with hidden panels, using the space inside a door, behind air conditioners, inside electrical outlets and more. Having your valuables lying around on a dining room table need no longer be a dilemma.


Unsightly chores

No one likes their trash to be exposed, and of late a natural addition to any kitchen is to have the trash compartment neatly tucked away in some cabinet. It need not stop there, another nice step is to add a pull out cutting board which allows you to dispose of unwanted items easily, and also allow for easy storage. Trash is not the only thing that homeowners want hidden. Simply having a laundry basket is not enough for some, clever designs for laundry chutes have come to the fore. Cleverly designed to resemble cabinetry, this need no longer be an eye sore when guests come over. By incorporating each square inch of space, adding a neat cabinet which houses the ironing board and laundry detergent will ensure these unsightly items remain out of sight.

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