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How to remodel your Bathroom...Important Tiips

How to remodel your Bathroom...Important Tiips

Every homeowner reaches the point where its time for a good remodel, but some have no clue how to begin. The first place you need to start is with a budget. It is the foundation for all projects. You need to establish a realistic budget so you can know your boundaries and what you can afford, and what needs to wait.

Going green is the way to go. Lower your long term water costs by purchasing energy efficient bathroom fixtures such as water conserving toilets and faucets.

Refinish the old and avoid the new like the plague. Bathroom Cabinets and tile can easily be refaced with do it yourself products. So if you are budget conscience this is the way to go.

Don't move the plumbing. Moving plumbing can add up to a costly repair bill.

Figure out how big the project will be and really decide if you can handle it or need to consult a contractor

Switching your fixtures is very affordable and easy to do

Lighting is key when remodeling. You want to create a good ambiance for your space.

Improve your ventilation. This will help you prevent future issues with mildew and mold

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