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Curtains and Drapes Ideas

Curtains and Drapes Ideas


Curtains and drapes are the piece of clothing used to give style and enhance the texture of the ambiance of the room. They are also utilized to prevent direct light from coming in the rooms. Or else they are used for security and covering purposes. Hence there are different ideas which can be applied to using these.

Contrasting Curtain and Drapes Colors

Curtains and drapes give a lightening and brightening effect to a room if high contrast color scheme is used with them. It is very essential to keep in mind the accent tinge as well with the visual rhythm when deciding over the color schemes of curtains and drapes. Also the curtains and drapes should create a match with other accessories in the room to no to become the odd one out.

Well Trimmed Curtains and Drapes

To give your room a refined taste reign the traditional fabric collection of curtains and drapes echoes the details of these draperies used. If floral panel will be used they will give a pleasing design proportion. In order give beautiful proportion to the windows and extend their heights the curtains are hanged on painted rods below crown moldings.

Drapes from Top to Bottom

This type of designing of curtains and drapes doesn’t overwhelm the room. If the room is of low ceiling then these floor to ceiling drapery adds a visual height and wainscoting effect in the room.

Stripped Window Treatment

This design defines that horizontal and vertical stripes in curtains and drapes do exist and if comprised of light and eye catching colors such as butterscotch and other accents it allows the eye to pause and look over it, and also gives the room an appeasing ambiance that everyone would love to sit in.

Bamboo Curtain Rods

When curtains are hanged using bamboo rods it gives the room a feel of an exotic treasure. These are normally applied to the rooms that have high ceilings. The panel of the curtains frames the windows. Wooden shades are accumulated at the ends of the rods. This cluster of mixes gives an additional texture to the room.

Treatment Tricks

These curtains and drapes tricks are generally applied to the rooms where it is demanded to add heights. The vertical strips of drapes used not only pauses the eye but also if rods will be mounted near the roof will add up to the length of the room.

Drape to Wall Pattern

As suggested by the name if you opt for drapes to be familiar to that of your wall paper will help hide flaws in the room and will enhance the extra ordinary features of the room giving it imperial look.


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