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Crown Molding Sizes Adds Sophistication in Life

Crown Molding Sizes Adds Sophistication in Life


Do you live in a small or large house it is older or new? Does it have simple pillars and simple ceilings? Want to add some beauty with less effort? Want a change and new looks? Then, you can find different crown molding sizes for your fixtures. There is a variety of crown molding sizes for almost every type of area where you can use them.Previously they were used in Roman and Greeks period and were originally made up of marbles and stones.

Usage of crown moldings

Crown molding sizes are available for ceilings, pillars, kitchen cabinets, bathroom borders,at the foot of wall where floor and ceiling joins, windows, around fans, around chimneys etc. they are made up of wood, plaster and sometime ceramics for bathrooms. Aside from sizes they are available in different styles as per user’s choice. You can find them in a variety at any home improvement store like home depot, walmart and DIY projects.


Installation is easy and you can install it all by yourself or can get help of a professional. You can purchase crown molding sizes normally in per foot measurement or a meter sizes. Some ceiling sizes are larger and have lightning system in it and you can install bulbs and small decorative lights in it. They are mostly available in a specific size for a room or large halls.

While choosing crown molding sizes for your room or any other place you should keep in mind that molding size should match the size of an area. If it’s too big or too small maybe its look is not that much attractive as it is normally seems. You can also combine different sized jointed based moldings for sophisticated look. For a room with 8 foot ceiling the crown molding sizes should not be too huge because it will add a bulky look to room. For taller ceilings you will need beefier molding.

Sizes are very important and must be choose carefully. If you are not an artist or have an artistic approach you must not select it yourself. Always consult professionals or get help from DIY project experts.Some old houses were renovated and are installed with different crown molding sizes to add a new and attractive looks.

There are different styles available in today’s market. The most common are English style, federal, French, roman, Georgian, American Greek and modern styles and design.


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