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Crown Molding Ideas That Bring Charm and Sophistication

Crown Molding Ideas That Bring Charm and Sophistication

 Crown molding is a popular trend to create harmonious transitions where the wall meets the ceiling. There are different types of moldings and crown molding is just one of these. It provides architectural elements and taste to rooms. Its use can be traced back to the Romans and Greeks, which were used them to create visually appealing spaces. Original molding was made of marble and stone but nowadays they’re made of plaster or wood. In 1850 with the introduction of machines, moldings were produced in mass and became affordable to every person. Before, only carpenters would be able to create moldings for certain wealthy homeowners.

Crown molding distinguishes itself from any other type of molding because it is installed on an angle which joins the wall and ceiling creating a smooth transition between one and the other. Its function is to conceal dissimilar materials that are close together. However, molding is not only used for walls or ceilings but has been added to corners of rooms, to accentuate fire places and cabinets. It is also used at the foot of walls to avoid a noticeable shift between the wall and the floor.

Aesthetic appeal is provided when using this type of molding in rooms to make them look taller and more interesting. Also, using crown moldings in a room can create sophisticated architecture. Crown molding can be placed in your house by yourself as a DIY project or you can hire a professional. With home improvement stores and supplies you have the ability to afford and reduce the cost of installing moldings by doing it yourself.

Crown moldings come in many types, some are simple, and others are intricate and ornate. Moldings are made of wood or polyurethane. The first can be tinted to create different tones and the second ones can be painted in many different colors. Wood can be personalized using carving techniques, giving you a distinct original molding.

There is something you must keep in mind when adding crown moldings to your rooms and that is humidity. Changes in humidity usually cause wood to expand and contract. Use flexible joints at the seams to prevent any crown alterations. Polyurethane does not suffer these changes, so if you live in a humid place, you may want to consider not using wood.

Trends and styles have changed through the ages and architects and interior designers use crown moldings to help them identify the period the house belongs to. You can take advantage of period styles to decorate your home choosing one of the following six.

1.     English style: Is symmetrical and squared and was popular in the 16th to 17th centuries

2.     Federal: Have arches and are very slender and today it’s still a popular choice. It was created in the Eastern coast during 1780-1831.

3.     French: Is mainly regal sophisticated and complex. It was a modern approach designed in the 1800’s

4.     Georgian: Balanced and simple on the eyes and modeled after the English style.

5.     American Greek revival: Bold and simple used to amplify the height of a room. Popular in mid-19th century particularly in the Southern States

6.     Modern: Flat and simple, a contemporary look used in current modern architecture

Finally, today’s market offers endless styles and models that make choosing a particular one a difficult task. So research and look at photos for inspiration. When you get a comfortable feeling, you know you’ve found the right one. The crown molding you choose should make you feel at home and should create a pleasant environment for your living space


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