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Creating a Romantic Bedroom

Creating a Romantic Bedroom

Many people love the feel of a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. The air can feel lighter. You feel prettier and even happier. By choosing the right furnishings, you can create your own romantic environment. You may never even want to leave. Whether you are married, in a relationship or single, the romantic style can suit everyone. You don't have to be in a relationship to have a romantic bedroom.


1) Less color

            Instead of painting your walls a typical romantic color like red or purple, keep it simple and use white or very light beige paint. While deep colors like reds and purples are still romantic, white (and other light hues) are romantic in a classic way. White seems to allow the room to breathe more as well. It sort of gives a wispy and soft feel to the atmosphere. Consider other aspects of your room aside from the walls. Choose white linens for the bedding and the curtains. Paint the door white.


2) Flowers

            Everyone knows that flowers are already very romantic (when given in the proper occasion). Adding fresh flowers to your bedroom can make it feel that much more romantic. Their fragility and beauty will have you smiling every time you look at them. Arrange them in classic glass vases. Place them all over the room. Who says you only need one bunch of flowers?


3) Curtains

            Instead of a solid curtain that is used to block out all light from outside, try going with curtains that are a little translucent and light. While they still protect you from outside peepers, this style of curtain will also allow the natural light to radiate in. The shimmering light dances on the walls as the curtains blow in the breeze. What a romantic atmosphere you have just created for yourself (and your loved one).


4) Candles

            Just like flowers, candles create a lovely romantic environment in any room. In your bedroom, place a lot of candles (in safe places, of course). Be mindful of the scents, though. You don't want to mix different kinds of scents. You probably also don't want a scent that is too over-powering or noxious. Either go scentless or find something that has a light, airy scent.


5) Lace

            Lace is wonderfully delicate fabrics that can make any room feel more romantic. Incorporate lace into different items in your bedroom. Place a lace shades on your lamps. Add lace to your bedding or curtains. Drape lace over your head board or foot board. Be creative with it.


Once you start decorating for romanticism, you will feel it in the atmosphere. Let that be your guide when you are redecorating your bedroom. If you are sharing your room with a spouse or significant other, ask him/her to join in. Get their opinions on what they like and how the new design makes them feel. It will make all the difference in the end.

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Easy Apartment Interior Design

Easy Apartment Interior Design

For the most part, landlords can be relatively easy when it comes to changing the look of your apartment. They will allow you to paint the walls, usually as long as you paint them back to white when you move out. You won't be doing any major renovations, so most of your interior design will be based on the furnishings and layout you choose.


1) Exhibit Display

            Like you would see in a museum or an art gallery, create a space on your walls to show off some of your engaging objects and keepsakes. You can use different types of shelves to create different looks. Go for a unique look by placing the shelves at fluctuating levels. You don't have to put them all in a neat little row. Make it look bold.


2) Furniture Painting

            If you live in an apartment in which your landlord will not allow you to paint the walls, you don't have to give up on adding some color to your rooms. Simply paint your furniture instead. Choose fun, bright colors for your night stands and dresser. Pick a complementary color for your head board (as long as it is made of wood and can be painted). Paint your kitchen table a unique color to add more life to your kitchen. The possibilities are endless when it comes to painting your wooden furniture.


3) Open Storage

            Sometimes apartments can lack a lot of storage space. This forces you to get creative in how you will store even the simplest of items. In your kitchen, if you don't have enough cabinets and/or drawers, you can purchase a shelving unit to use as additional storage. Opt for an open unit as opposed to one with doors that will hide everything. Arrange the items on the shelves in a creative manner. You can also use cute, attractive baskets and containers on the shelves for smaller items. The best part is, when you move, you get to take the storage unit with you.


4) Lighting

            Don't forget the importance of having effective sources of lighting in your apartment. Hopefully your apartment has a lot of windows to let the natural light in, but even if it doesn't, you don't have to live in the dark. Choose unique, colorful lamps for your tables in the bedroom and living room. Place a floor lamp near the sofa to brighten up the area and not take up room on a smaller table. Place additional lighting in certain kitchen areas where you may need to see a little better.


5) Concealed Storage

            If you have extra items that you want to store, but not out in the open, you can choose a storage method to hide these items. For example, set up your living room in such a way that allows you to place a large bin behind the couch. You can then use the bin to toss in extra blankets, board games and any other items you wish to place there. Just because your space may be small, it doesn't mean you have to look messy and disorganized.

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Different Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

Different Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

If you are looking to add a little fun to your home, try out chalkboard paint. You don't have to stay in the lines and keep it on the wall either. There are many more creative uses for this popular and fun paint. Here are some great tips for you to try out.


1) In Your Kitchen

            There are many ways to use chalkboard paint in the kitchen. You can create a framed piece of light wood and paint it with the chalkboard paint. Then hang it on your fridge. What a wonderful idea! You and your kids will have a lot of fun writing all over the fridge.


            If you have a large pantry, you can paint the inside of the door with chalkboard paint. That way, it stays hidden, but it can still be useful for you. You can start a grocery list on the door when you notice you are out of a certain ingredient in your pantry.


            Chalkboard paint cabinet drawers. You can accent the drawers by painting portions of them with the paint. If they have trim around the outside panel, you can leave the trim a solid color and paint the interior portion with the chalkboard paint. You can write out little messages on all the drawers by using one word per drawer.


2) Calendars

            If you have an old cabinet door or an old mirror frame, or even just a piece of wood, you can create a large calendar to hang anywhere it would be useful in your home. A home office could use a large wall calendar. You then have the capability of changing the calendar every month, every year. You will never have to purchase another wall calendar again. You can even create a weekly wall calendar if that suits your needs better. It's all up to you and what would benefit you the most.


3) For the Kids

            What child doesn't love chalk? Take painting on the sidewalk indoors when the weather isn't cooperating. You can paint a small kids table in chalkboard paint. That way, they can play and eat a snack at the same time. When they get tired of their designs, they can simply erase it and draw something new. It would be a big help in saving lots of paper, too.


            Paint a wall in chalkboard paint for your kids. If you have a play room or even a wall in your kid’s room, try painting one wall in the paint. You don't have to go nuts and paint the entire room in chalkboard paint. It would look best if only one wall was done. That way, you can still have bright, happy colors in the room and still be able to write and draw all over one entire wall. The kids would love the idea of being able to draw on a wall without getting in trouble. Let their imaginations run wild.


Basically, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can paint with chalkboard paint. Use your imagination. Be creative. Take a look around your home and see what you can come up with. Maybe you even want to paint one of your walls in chalkboard paint.


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Utilize the Space Under Your Stairs

Utilize the Space Under Your Stairs

If you don't already have a purpose for the space under your stairs, there are plenty of ways in which you can re-purpose that space and put it to good use. It no longer needs to be wasted space. Just think of what you have missed when you decide to transform that space to something functional, creative and efficient.


1) Cozy cubby

            Add a cushioned bench area under the stairs and a couple of comfortable pillows. Build drawers under the bench to store books, toys or small lap blankets. Install small shelving above the benched area to place more books. Hang a picture or lovely work of art on the back wall. If you want, you can also install a small lighting fixture for reading at night. You have just created a great little nook for you and your family. Try adding a lightweight curtain for extra privacy and coziness.


2) Basement bar

            If the space under your stairs leading to your basement is unused, you can always build a small bar complete with shelves, cabinets and counter tops. What a wonderful way to incorporate a bar into your basement area. You can build it there in order to not take up a lot of space in the rest of the basement. That way, you can have more room for guests and entertainment all the while having enough space for your drinking needs.


3) Office

            Depending on how the space under your stairs is situated, you can create a tiny office space if the need suits you. Build or place a small desk under the stairs. Add a few shelves, but don't overcrowd or else you may feel as if you don't have enough room to work. You don't want to feel trapped or claustrophobic while you are working. Keep it simple, but ample enough to be able to get something accomplished in this new work area.


4) Playhouse

            Donate the space under your stairs to your children. If there isn't a wall up already, you can easily install one. It doesn't have to be as sturdy as a regular wall, just enough to use as a separator from the rest of the room. Design the wall to look like the siding on a cute house. Make sure to keep room for a little door to enter and exit the playhouse. Put a little window and curtain on the door and maybe even a mail slot. Add a house number to the outside wall. Get creative in designing a play area for your kids to get creative in. It's all about having them use their imaginations and getting away from technology for a while.


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Make Your Own Interior Designs Trend

Make Your Own Interior Designs Trend

Before jumping into changes in interior designs and home renovations, people will either consult a specialist in the field and/or browse through magazines to learn of the new trends. There is nothing wrong with these practices, but there is nothing wrong with making your own trend either.

A good interior designer makes the client’s interests, choices, and passion the top priorities in creating any interior designs. The designer can be considered as the maker, but you, the client, is the creator and the source of the design. The interior design is your choice. It is your personality. An excellent interior designer is one who is able to materialize your inner needs and wants.

Although getting the present-day trends is helpful, the very first things you need to consider are your needs and wants. Discussing them with the professional will guide you in actualizing the ideas in your head and heart. During the consultation, make sure you are honest, not only to the designer, but more so to yourself. If you like black instead of gray, say it. If parquet makes you happy, so be it.

Interior design, like any other forms of art, is subjective. The colors, the furnishings and their positioning, the materials used and other choices made for the house are and should be personal. The current trends are helpful only if you use them as guides. They become disadvantageous to you, however, if you depend too much on them to the point of losing your own individuality. Bear in mind that you can actually make your own interior designs trend. Consider the following:

A friend gave you a shawl that you seldom use. You decide to hang it on an arm of a chair in the living room for accent. Your friend visits you one day and is delighted to see it. The next time you visit your friend’s house, you see a piece of cloth hanging on the back of the sofa—an idea he or she has gotten from you. Voila! It is the beginning of a trend among your friends’ homes.

You have some pots of tomato plants in your backyard garden. One day, they have started bearing little round green fruits which are wonderful to see. You decide to place one of the tomato pots on your dining table to serve as the centerpiece. One of your neighbors sees it and is amazed at the idea. Soon she will do the same. Another possible trend!

You are fond of bringing home unfinished little bottles of cologne, shampoo, conditioner, and other tiny packages of hotel complimentary necessities. You have accumulated a lot of them and one day decides to turn them into a collage. You display your creation on a wall of the powder room of your house. Your sister visits you and is attracted to it. And yes, she will soon have a similar one in her own bathroom!

Browsing through interior design magazines is definitely helpful. Your mind and heart’s desire, however, is what makes the interior design personal and it should convey your own character. Never prevent your own from trending.

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