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Tips on Choosing the Style in Which to Decorate Your Home

Tips on Choosing the Style in Which to Decorate Your Home

If you are up for a home décor, you should start by determining the decorating style that you will use. The decorating style affects the colors you use, the type of furniture and accessories. It is the first thing that you should make a decision on before anything else, in your home decor. Explore different styles from various sources until you find the one appropriate for your home and that suits your taste. Below are some tips you can use to decide on the decorating style.

Get ideas from magazines and the Internet

The Internet and decorating magazines has wealth of information on various decorating styles. You can use them to find design styles that appeal to you. These sources have photos of rooms that have been decorated professionally and they can form good insight for your home décor. Pay attention to details in the photographs in such areas as the colors and texture used. This will help you decide on the colors that you like and the style that suits you. For instance, if you like neutral colors, then you may opt for a contemporary interior décor. If you are more drawn to straight lines on the furnishings, then you like a modern décor style. Traditional and Victorian furnishings have curved edges and carved pieces.

Choosing the right color

One of the challenging areas in home décor is choosing the right color for the decorations. Whatever the decorating styles, you need to choose colors that go well with the style as well as with your likes. Explore using different colors to get the color combination that works best for you. Make use of paint samples and fabric swatches to help you to make a decision on the best colors. You can even paint the walls with samples to see how they will look like. Paint a wider area and live with it for a while to see if it suits your decorating tastes. The color you choose will stay with you for a while. Therefore, it is important to choose the right colors before doing the final painting.

Using the architectural style

How your home is architecturally designed can help to determine the decorating style to use. There are various architectural styles such as Spanish style, cottage and Craftsman. If your home has the Spanish architectural style, it would do best with Italian, Spanish or Mediterranean decorating styles. A Craftsman style can be complemented by Arts and Crafts decorations. However, there is no set rule that you must choose a decorating style based on the architectural design. You can decorate your home with a different style without considering its architecture, though you may encounter some limitations to decorations. For instance, if your home has low ceilings and small rooms, it may be difficult to decorate it as a grand ballroom. On the other hand, you do not need to be living in a cottage use the cottage style for your interior decorating.

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