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Antiqued living room

Antiqued living room

You can make your living room get the vintage look by decorating it with reproductions and antiques. You can find a variety of accessories and furniture that are antique and others are reproductions in different styles ranging from Victorian to primitive. Choose the antique style you want for the living room and then find the pieces to put it together in your interior décor. Below is a guide to various antique styles that you can choose for the living room.

Victorian style

If you desire antiques from the Victorian era, you can use a Sheraton style or Queen Ann reproduction sofa and chairs with a velvet covering. To display your antique collections of silver and gold candlesticks together with your antique china, use side tables that have elaborate scroll work and carvings. For the walls, you can use opulent wallpaper to match with the sofa. You can also opt for walls with installed paneled wainscoting using dark wood for a Victorian library feel. To make the living room seem larger and with more space, you can hang a full-length mirror that should have a dark frame and is embroidered with gilt.

Country style

Country style décor makes your living room feel like a country home. For the reading area, you can have a Windsor rocking chair, which is antique. Combine it with a floor lamp made of wrought iron and has a punched tin shade. Add vintage suitcases and the reading area will be cozy. For comfort, add a camel back wing chair or sofa and place a vintage quilt above it to create a focal point. To display vintage pottery that you have collected, include a drop leaf table, antique of course. You can get the colonial touch by hanging framed antique samplers above the fireplace.

Shabby chic style

If you have family items that have been used and loved by family members for generations, you can use them to decorate your antique living room. A good example is an armoire with chipped pastel paint and hardware that is tarnished. It is good for creating a focal point and for storing electronics as well as hiding them from sight. Another item for the living room is an overstuffed sofa with white linen slipcovers. You can use it together with chairs of vintage leather club. Put them together with a glass top coffee table that has wrought iron legs and preferably rusting. For the lighting, use an antique chandelier and ensure that it has missing crystals for the romantic touch. The walls can do with faded wallpapers with floral print and you can highlight them with grouped China platters.

Primitive style

The style features the country style of aged furniture and accessories together with vignettes made from natural elements and collections. You can use an antique washtub made of wood and fit it with a piece of glass, specially cut for a coffee table. The sofa should be upholstered using reproduction fabric with a pineapple pattern. For the patriotic touch, add collection of barn stars in white, blue barn and rustic red.

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