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Decorating With Wingback Chairs

Decorating With Wingback Chairs

If you are looking for chairs that are timeless, then welcome to wing back chairs. The chairs fit with almost all décor styles. Although the legs that are spindle like and their high backs are for the formal traditional décor, the chairs are able to harmonize with varied design elements. This is using contemporary fabrics, sleek design and their curvy nature.

Use the chair in pairs

Use the wing back chairs in pairs when decorating to get the best. Place the two chairs side by side and include an accent table in between. This will provide a seating area that is warm and welcoming that you can use for watching TV or for reading. To create space for conversations or for playing social games, you can place the chairs across the sofa. This will allow for easy interactions and conversations. The chairs also help to add harmony and balance in the overall design of the room.

Upholstering the wing back chairs

You may want to upholster the chairs to fit your decor or if you the chairs you have are antiques or had another owner and the fabric is weathered or outdated. To bring the wing back chairs to date, you can reupholster using modern fabrics and the latest style combinations. This way, you will end up with chairs that are modern yet traditional, that also fit with your home decor. For instance, you can upholster the chairs with cotton and burlap, for a modern fresh design element. To make the wing chairs the focal point in the room, use floral patterns, smooth leather upholstery, velvet fabrics that are soft and damask prints for upholstery.

Using the chairs in study and dens

Some of the traditional wing back chairs are made of leather, studded upholstery and legs with deep wood stain. This makes them suitable for rooms with dark and moody appeal such as a masculine study or a man cave. In the study, you can match the dark legs of the wing chairs with a huge wooden desk and bookcase with antique books.
The leather wing chairs can do well in a man cave with traditional undertones, for instance, genuine leather furnishings, light fixtures of wrought iron and natural wood cabinetry.

Wing chairs as accent chairs

The wing chairs make good accent chairs to the bedrooms, home office areas and guest rooms. The chair is ideal for small space because it does not take up much space in as much as it is functional and sturdy. Place the chair with the back against the wall or in a corner to get a sitting area. If putting it in the bedroom, include throw pillows that will blend with the coverings on the bed. You can also do the same if the chair is in the living room, where you can use throw pillows that are matching with the rest of the decor. A small stand beside the chairs can be use to for placing books or beverages. A wing chair can add the much-needed additional seating in a room without taking up much space. It can be reupholstered to match the home decor.

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