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Keep it Modern with Electric Home Security Gates

Keep it Modern with Electric Home Security Gates

Electric home security gates are becoming popular to many homeowners.  Be it for security or to make sure they do not have to open the gate, when they drive home; most homeowners are finding these gates, very beneficial and cost-effective.  There is also additional assurance, that your home can only be accessed by people you invite.  An electric gate can really help you in meeting your home security needs.

Different kinds of electric home security gates

First, automatic gates, with operate either by sliding, swinging or lifting. There are three types based on these operating ways, after which you can make a choice on materials and looks. There are many options spread among various people’s preferences and across different budgets. The bottom line of selecting an electric gate is ensuring it meets the needs of your property and your tastes. You should not restructure the property, in an effort to fit in the gate. Here are some types you can select:

•    Slide gates- The beauty with sliding gates is that they can operate at an angle.  Hence, if the area around the driveway is quite sloppy, then a slide gate will be perfect. You will not have to upgrade the area. This will save you time and effort, during installation. Furthermore, the gates come as double doors, hence, it will offer both aesthetic and security benefits.

•    Lift gates- These are common installations in urban centers, where space is limited.  Although they are common in commercial buildings, they are becoming a norm, in estates, which are located in restrained spaces.

•    Swing gates- If your yard is flat, then swinging gates will be applicable. They are the simplest to operate and suitable candidates for DIY projects.

Choosing the material for electric home security gates

Most electric gates are made of three materials namely steel, wood or aluminum. Aluminum is relatively cheaper, seconded by wood.  However, some customized wood versions, are very pricey and they are mostly made from hardwoods.  For those, who want to go beyond steel and instead buy wrought iron, should be prepared to dig deeper into their pockets and a guarantee of top quality product. Other accessories that will come with the gate include an opener. This should be similar with the gate. Most electric gates come with a sensor, which is run on either batteries or an external power source. When you are selecting an electric gate, it is important to make certain considerations, so that you get the best gate for your property. The main goal of these gates is to provide maximum security while ensuring convenience.

If you are considering a security gate for your home, you should not look further, electric home security gates are the best. They are designed to suit different locations and driveways, for ease of installation and operation. In addition, they are available in different materials, to match people of all budgets.  To enhance security and to increase your property value, an electric gate will do the trick.

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Exploring Home Security Lasers

Exploring Home Security Lasers

Chances are that you have seen laser beams in movies, where they are used to guard items of high value or properties. Some even show burglars, trying to do all that it takes to maneuver through the beams, without awakening the alarm system. Home security lasers can be a part of your security system and in particular, if you have valuables in your home.  Although they retail more than other simplistic security devices, they offer high level of security. They use infrared light, to sense even the slightest of movement. If you want an advanced and automated security system, then lasers are the perfect choice.

How do lasers work?

In general, terms, a laser is nothing but a fine focused light beam. It is either invisible or visible, based on the wavelength of light. Most home security lasers, utilize invisible light. When it is installed in a security system, it is linked to a sensor, to furnish it with energy. When the light beam is compromised, it ceases to send energy to the sensor, lowering its voltage. This agitates it to send a signal to the alarm device, for reactivation. In areas where there are lots of dust or smoke, invisible laser light, may become visible. Mirrors can also let the cut out of the bag. The main advantage with laser light is that it travels in a straight line and does not disperse light. Hence, it does not lose energy and therefore, it can cover expansive areas, using just a few sensors.

Where to apply home security lasers

Laser-based security systems are available in the market and there are ways for DIY. You can install them throughout the house and in your outdoor living spaces. Their sensitivity is very high and you can rest assured that it will be difficult for intruders to get to your assets.  However, owing to their high sensitivity, you may have to deal with cases of false alarms. Hence, the best places to install lasers should be those, which encounter low traffic. Furthermore, if you have children and pets in the house, lasers are not a good option for you. Nevertheless, you can install them, where you keep your valuables. You will also need several lasers or sensors, to enable you cover large areas.

Lasers can be a part of your security system. Together with other security components you got, you will have no fears about somebody breaking into your property. They come in various types and for varying purposes. It is upon you to sit down and make a plan, of the lasers you would want for your property and assess whether you have the money to invest in them. While at it, consider the issues of installation, where you do not want to foot an additional expense, get lasers you can easily install. Home security lasers have become common in homes. They act just like motion sensors, but the installation cost can get high. However, they can help you boost your home security system. Lasers are best used with other security devices.  Most importantly, if you choose them, remember to install them in areas, where they will not cause false alarms.

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Home Security Guards: Are they Necessary?

Home Security Guards: Are they Necessary?

Home security guards shield homes from burglars and intruders. However, this only happens, when you hire the right people and utilize them effectively. They come in handy, when you have a large area, needing monitoring. This is because they come at a price. That is why, security guards are common in business premises, but they have also become a necessity in homes. For those who travel a lot, a security guard can ensure the safety of your assets and the property when you are overseas. Let’s explore both the pros and the cons of hiring a security guard.

Benefits of hiring a security guard

Nothing wrecks the plans of thieves and burglars, than seeing a security guard. Their presence makes it challenging them to implement their bad plans. Unlike devices, which are rather programmable and easy to manipulate, guards can change their schedules and locations, to make it more complicated for the burglars. Since, home security guards are uniformed and with a level of security training, they are adequate obstacle to thieves. In addition, they are well trained to point out problems, before they blow up. They can also repair minor problems in your security system; hence, you will not need to hire a professional for some trivial issues. They are also able to arrest trespassers in your property and pass them to the police.

The cons

The main disadvantage of hiring a guard is the cost. If you hire one, get prepared to foot all the bills related to them.  You will either hire a security company to provide the guard or pay one directly. If you get a guard, who is not well trained, they will not be in a position to handle burglars and intruders. Moreover, if they breach the contract and decide to share some information about your home at a cost, you will be in big trouble. You will also have to do a lot of supervision. There are common cases of guards, sleeping on the job. You should know that the security company would not supervise the guard after they release them to you. Hence, it is your responsibility.
Therefore, it is important to choose a guard carefully. Remember you will be welcoming a stranger in your home.
Tips for using security guards

•    Make sure the guards are licensed, to ensure you do not get a raw deal. For armed guards, they will need extra licensing.
•    Look out for security guards who are experienced
•    Choose a good security company. Make use of the customer reviews, to assess their service delivery. You can also inquire from your friends, which company is the best.
•    Read and understand the contents of your security company. Do not sign a long-term contract, if you are not assured they can deliver.

The decision of whether to hire a security guard or not, is a matter of personal choice. If you have a large compound, which needs surveillance, then a security guard is necessary. Nevertheless, ensure to choose a good security guard, who will not compromise your security.  Home security guards are paid, so you have to ensure your can afford them.

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Why Key less Entry Locks

Why Key less Entry Locks

At one point in your life, you had to be held up by the door, looking for keys from your bag. It happens all the time and in some cases, you may be holding a crying child or in the urgency of getting in. It is even worse, if you are operating in the dark. Furthermore, thieves can get to you, before you open the door. Keyless entry locks were made to solve such problems. Unlike their conventional counterparts, they do not require keys and they are convenient.

Reasons you should consider installing keyless entry locks

They improve personal safety

With these locks, you can rest your fears about having somebody following you, when you are trying to find keys or open the door. The keyless locks,  are easy to operate and you can open the door, when you are some feet away, then safely lock, when you finally get inside. Some are advanced to allow you unlock the door, while switching the lights at the porch on, to ensure there is nobody.

They enhance home automation

When you install keyless locks, you can forget about waking up to let in your teenage children into the house. It is possible to open the door, with just one touch of a button. This makes it easier to close or open the door from anywhere. Some versions have the capabilities of being programmed to fit into your schedule. For instance, the system may be set to switch on the porch light, anytime the door unlocks.

There are no possibilities of key duplication

A good number of home-based burglaries are attributed to the poor management of keys. If you expose your keys, a person with a bad intention, may go ahead to copy the keys.

Keyless entry locks are not easy to manipulate

While thieves have skills enough to break down the traditional locks, it is quite headache for them, where keyless locks are concerned. Hence, by installing these locks, you will be preventing possible break-ins, while ensuring convenience.

Choosing keyless locks

The choice you make for the locks depends on your budget, needs, and the personal taste. Hence, one homeowner’s choice will be entirely different from another. You may opt for doorknobs, with a satin or brass finish. Whatever you want, there is something in the market for you. Here are some considerations to make before shopping:

•    The number of features you want in the lock- Do note that, the more the features, the higher the price.

•    Will you need a remote control? If so, determine the remotes you will require.

•    Do you want battery or electric powered keyless systems?

•    The level of convenience you want. For instance, you may want to be unlocking the door, right when you get out of your car.

•    Do you want automated keyless locks, which will turn your porch lights on, when the door opens?

If you are renovating your home, or you just want to boost your home security, ensure to install keyless entry locks. Besides ensuring you do not stay at the door for a long time, trying to locate keys from your bag; it is more secure, convenient and you can forget about exposing the keys to the wrong people.

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Connecting your IP Home Security Cameras to the Cloud

Connecting your IP Home Security Cameras to the Cloud

You have just invested in the IP home security cameras. The cameras now provide you with 24/7 surveillance and all the details, are being safely stored in your computer or DVR. You have thought about and researched possible threats to your home security system.  There are solutions available for most of the threats. However, there is one challenge; you cannot seem to find a solution for.  If your computer is stolen, it might mean losing your security footage details to the wrong hands. This is where you need to store all the footage to a cloud service. This will ensure you retrieve back information, if a burglar decides to cover their tracks by carrying the DVR or computer. The first step to getting your IP security cameras to offsite cloud storage is by selecting a provider.

Tips for selecting a provider for offsite cloud based storage

Research online

Although IP home security cameras are still a new technology, homeowners are embracing them, in large numbers. Different manufacturers have come up to meet this gap and in particular, in providing a backup storage plan. Hence, take your time to study various providers, to get the best among them.

Compare features

In most cases, the IP security cameras suppliers, are also the providers of the cloud storage services for security footage. If you can find a company, which provides as many features as possible at a reasonable price.  The kind of service package should be commensurate to your needs and affordable too. While it might be tiring to go through the services of each provider, it will be rewarding do the comparison.

Compare prices

It is natural to find a provider charging higher for a package you can get, from another at a relatively lower price. Usually, the rates for the cloud services range from a few dollars to high-end packages. The rate given for the package is for every year. You should therefore be keener to know whether you can afford it.

Go with experienced companies

It is better to work with somebody, who have been in operation for long.  Young companies may lure you with large discount offers, but they might mess you up. Some have no in-depth knowledge on how to handle various issues.

Do not ignore the customer reviews

Nothing can give you a better view of the company’s services, than the views of those, who have been served by the provider previously.  If you notice there are more negative comments than positive ones, you should continue looking.

Understand the terms and conditions

Do not sign the contract, before you get to know, what exactly you are getting yourself into. Some unscrupulous providers may encourage you to sign agreements, which may put you in jeopardy in the future. If you are planning to install IP home security cameras, you may also want to find an off-site cloud based storage provider. This ensures that your footage stays in the cloud and hence, not vulnerable to access by burglars and hackers. However, this comes at a price and you are not in control of who gets to see your security footage. Hence, it is essential to find the best provider.

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