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Why Key less Entry Locks

Why Key less Entry Locks

At one point in your life, you had to be held up by the door, looking for keys from your bag. It happens all the time and in some cases, you may be holding a crying child or in the urgency of getting in. It is even worse, if you are operating in the dark. Furthermore, thieves can get to you, before you open the door. Keyless entry locks were made to solve such problems. Unlike their conventional counterparts, they do not require keys and they are convenient.

Reasons you should consider installing keyless entry locks

They improve personal safety

With these locks, you can rest your fears about having somebody following you, when you are trying to find keys or open the door. The keyless locks,  are easy to operate and you can open the door, when you are some feet away, then safely lock, when you finally get inside. Some are advanced to allow you unlock the door, while switching the lights at the porch on, to ensure there is nobody.

They enhance home automation

When you install keyless locks, you can forget about waking up to let in your teenage children into the house. It is possible to open the door, with just one touch of a button. This makes it easier to close or open the door from anywhere. Some versions have the capabilities of being programmed to fit into your schedule. For instance, the system may be set to switch on the porch light, anytime the door unlocks.

There are no possibilities of key duplication

A good number of home-based burglaries are attributed to the poor management of keys. If you expose your keys, a person with a bad intention, may go ahead to copy the keys.

Keyless entry locks are not easy to manipulate

While thieves have skills enough to break down the traditional locks, it is quite headache for them, where keyless locks are concerned. Hence, by installing these locks, you will be preventing possible break-ins, while ensuring convenience.

Choosing keyless locks

The choice you make for the locks depends on your budget, needs, and the personal taste. Hence, one homeowner’s choice will be entirely different from another. You may opt for doorknobs, with a satin or brass finish. Whatever you want, there is something in the market for you. Here are some considerations to make before shopping:

•    The number of features you want in the lock- Do note that, the more the features, the higher the price.

•    Will you need a remote control? If so, determine the remotes you will require.

•    Do you want battery or electric powered keyless systems?

•    The level of convenience you want. For instance, you may want to be unlocking the door, right when you get out of your car.

•    Do you want automated keyless locks, which will turn your porch lights on, when the door opens?

If you are renovating your home, or you just want to boost your home security, ensure to install keyless entry locks. Besides ensuring you do not stay at the door for a long time, trying to locate keys from your bag; it is more secure, convenient and you can forget about exposing the keys to the wrong people.

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