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Use Home Security Timers When you Are out of Home

Use Home Security Timers When you Are out of Home

Thieves and burglars are very calculative. They can spend months or weeks trying to learn your routine, after which they strike unexpectedly.  Sometimes, you cannot avoid following a routine, owing to predetermined work schedules and travel times. However, this should not make it so obvious for the prying intruders to know when you are home and when you are out of town. Home security timers can help you to set radios, televisions, and lights among other devices, to go on or off at particular times, giving an illusion that you are around. Although they are used mostly when people are out on vacations or extended stay out of town, it is best to use them at all times, if you are barely at home.

How the timers work

In general, terms, a timer is nothing but an electrical circuit with an embedded clock. The timer is then plugged in an electrical outlet, after which you connect you devices with it. The built-in clock in home security timers; help you to program the time, when you want the device to turn off or on. The timer on the other hand, is responsible for switching the power outlet either on or off, as per your specifications. Nevertheless, if you forget to leave the devices on, which is a common mistake made by most homeowners; the device will not be in a position to switch them on. The clock operates differently depending on the model of the timer. Some modern versions use digital clocks whereas older types utilize a rotating time dial. If you want to live the device on, such that you can use it whenever you like, there is a switch to enable you regulate it.

Tips for succeeding with timers

Home security timers are only effective, if used effectively.  To begin with, the internal clock of the timer must be functional, otherwise no devices you attach to the timer, will work as expected. It is therefore important to ascertain that the device is well set based on the current time and the times, you want the devices to be on or off. Some timers come with several programming provisions, meaning that you can regulate various devices at varying times, with a single timer.

While most people use timers for their lighting systems only, it is also important to extend their usage to other appliances such as radios and televisions. The mere sound of a radio and the flickering light of a TV set will make an intruder think, you are at home. Motion sensor lights for the exterior spaces, also need timers. They ensure that the lights do not turn on, during the day, which can tell a burglar that you are not at home.

Home security timers are handy devices in homes. They are cost-effective and enhance the overall security for your property. Usually, they are quite an asset, when you are out of town. Using them, you can control lights and other devices, from where you might be. However, ensure to use them right and consistently. This will blind the peeping toms and prying eyes, from detecting when you are out of home.

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