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How to protect your home security while you are away from home

How to protect your home security while you are away from home

Burglars normally target homes where the occupants are away. However, there are things you can do to protect your home security while you go for that vacation or any time you are away.

Make the home seem lived in

Let the home appear as if it is being lived in so that it does not draw attention of intruders. If you have light timers, you can set them to light the home at specific times and therefore, give the impression that there is someone at home. An unattended lawn is a giveaway. Have someone maintain the lawn for you? You can also request your neighbors to make use of your driveway. Pilling newspapers and magazines at your front door shows that you are not in. Cancel their subscriptions and request the milkman to stop delivering milk. You can also request someone to collect the mail for you.

Check your security

Take the required protect your home security measures to keep your home safe and keep away burglars. Make sure that the windows and doors have secure locks. These are the entry points that the burglars use and if the locks are not of good quality, they can be picked easily. Fit the exterior doors with a lock of 5-lever deadbolt that is secure and that meets the insurance standards. An alarm system can help to deter thieves. Install the system and ensure it has a sounding alarm to discourage the burglar from getting in. You may also protect your home security by using a monitoring company to provide you with the security system and to monitor your home in case of anything. If your budget does not allow you to indulge in high level of security, you can fit dummy alarms to deter an intruder.

Install cctv in your home. Many CCTV systems are in the market and you can choose the one to meet your needs. The site of a camera will act to deter a thief. You can also use the recordings as evidence if there is a breakage into your home. Some of the CCTV are low budget and can help to meet your security needs. Others also provide the ability of live streaming to your Smartphone app enabling you to see what is going on from wherever you are and even alerts the local authorities.

Do not expose your traveling plans

With the social media, people tend to share everything including their travel plans. This may expose information to undesirable characters who may end up targeting your home when you are away. Refrain as much as possible from posting your traveling plans on social media. Updating your status on where you are going and for how long and even adding photos can be a good giveaway to burglars who are using social networks to determine targets. If you must post something, ensure that you have set your privacy settings so that not everybody can see your post.

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