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Home Security Guards: Are they Necessary?

Home Security Guards: Are they Necessary?

Home security guards shield homes from burglars and intruders. However, this only happens, when you hire the right people and utilize them effectively. They come in handy, when you have a large area, needing monitoring. This is because they come at a price. That is why, security guards are common in business premises, but they have also become a necessity in homes. For those who travel a lot, a security guard can ensure the safety of your assets and the property when you are overseas. Let’s explore both the pros and the cons of hiring a security guard.

Benefits of hiring a security guard

Nothing wrecks the plans of thieves and burglars, than seeing a security guard. Their presence makes it challenging them to implement their bad plans. Unlike devices, which are rather programmable and easy to manipulate, guards can change their schedules and locations, to make it more complicated for the burglars. Since, home security guards are uniformed and with a level of security training, they are adequate obstacle to thieves. In addition, they are well trained to point out problems, before they blow up. They can also repair minor problems in your security system; hence, you will not need to hire a professional for some trivial issues. They are also able to arrest trespassers in your property and pass them to the police.

The cons

The main disadvantage of hiring a guard is the cost. If you hire one, get prepared to foot all the bills related to them.  You will either hire a security company to provide the guard or pay one directly. If you get a guard, who is not well trained, they will not be in a position to handle burglars and intruders. Moreover, if they breach the contract and decide to share some information about your home at a cost, you will be in big trouble. You will also have to do a lot of supervision. There are common cases of guards, sleeping on the job. You should know that the security company would not supervise the guard after they release them to you. Hence, it is your responsibility.
Therefore, it is important to choose a guard carefully. Remember you will be welcoming a stranger in your home.
Tips for using security guards

•    Make sure the guards are licensed, to ensure you do not get a raw deal. For armed guards, they will need extra licensing.
•    Look out for security guards who are experienced
•    Choose a good security company. Make use of the customer reviews, to assess their service delivery. You can also inquire from your friends, which company is the best.
•    Read and understand the contents of your security company. Do not sign a long-term contract, if you are not assured they can deliver.

The decision of whether to hire a security guard or not, is a matter of personal choice. If you have a large compound, which needs surveillance, then a security guard is necessary. Nevertheless, ensure to choose a good security guard, who will not compromise your security.  Home security guards are paid, so you have to ensure your can afford them.

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