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Guard Dogs for Home Security- Do you Need One?

Guard Dogs for Home Security- Do you Need One?

Owning a guard dog may be instrumental to your property and family. It is an adequate deterrent for potential thieves, but you have to be fully prepared to handle the responsibilities of having an animal in your home.  Guard dogs for home security, do not have to be trained, the presence of a barking dog in your yard is enough to keep intruders away. These animals have a great hearing, which enables them to sense strangers in your yard. They are naturally made to bark over, when they detect strange noises. Dogs act just like alarms. All the same, let’s explore the cons and pros of using a dog to secure your home.


Guard dogs for home security are a great addition to an existing security system. They are always alert regardless of whether the system is on or not.  They are able to detect strange movements, people, and noises and they alert you accordingly. Depending on the breed and the training given to the particular dog, it can even provide physical protection, if an intruder gets into your property.  Furthermore, bringing a guard dog home may mean starting a longtime relationship with these ever-loyal creatures. Dogs are intensely protective of their masters. Hence, you can rest assured that nothing will go wrong, as long as they are around.


For guard dogs to be fully functional and offer the much-needed security, there is needed for regular attention and maintenance. The dog must be healthy, well fed and treated right, for you to enjoy the security benefits it offers. It is important to understand that a dog is a living creature and not similar to your other security devices. It needs food, play, affection, and shelter. If you are not ready cater for the aforementioned responsibilities, do not invest in guard dogs for home security yet.

Dogs do also need regular health checkups among other amenities. You will need to be in close proximity to the dog, to ensure its safety. For instance, if you are traveling out of town, you may have to find somebody to take care of its needs when you are out of town.
Tips for using a guard dog

•    Buy your chosen security dog, when it is still young. There is a benefit to this, since puppies are easier to train and you can control their environments.

•    Choose a great dog- While any dog will be better than having none, there are breeds, which are the best guard dogs. They include Boxers, Akitas, and German shepherds. For homes, bigger breeds are great but for apartments, go with Airedale Terrier.

•    Get a professional trainer to handle the puppy. Ensure that they treat the dog well during the training; otherwise, you will end up with a traumatized animal.

•    Take your dog on a trip around the perimeter of your property, when it first lands in your home. This way, it will get to know its surroundings and hence, be sensitive to anything strange, which comes close to the perimeter.

With the above information, you can tell whether a guard dog could be a part of your security system. All the same, guard dogs for home security can be a good supplement to your existing systems.

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