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Connecting your IP Home Security Cameras to the Cloud

Connecting your IP Home Security Cameras to the Cloud

You have just invested in the IP home security cameras. The cameras now provide you with 24/7 surveillance and all the details, are being safely stored in your computer or DVR. You have thought about and researched possible threats to your home security system.  There are solutions available for most of the threats. However, there is one challenge; you cannot seem to find a solution for.  If your computer is stolen, it might mean losing your security footage details to the wrong hands. This is where you need to store all the footage to a cloud service. This will ensure you retrieve back information, if a burglar decides to cover their tracks by carrying the DVR or computer. The first step to getting your IP security cameras to offsite cloud storage is by selecting a provider.

Tips for selecting a provider for offsite cloud based storage

Research online

Although IP home security cameras are still a new technology, homeowners are embracing them, in large numbers. Different manufacturers have come up to meet this gap and in particular, in providing a backup storage plan. Hence, take your time to study various providers, to get the best among them.

Compare features

In most cases, the IP security cameras suppliers, are also the providers of the cloud storage services for security footage. If you can find a company, which provides as many features as possible at a reasonable price.  The kind of service package should be commensurate to your needs and affordable too. While it might be tiring to go through the services of each provider, it will be rewarding do the comparison.

Compare prices

It is natural to find a provider charging higher for a package you can get, from another at a relatively lower price. Usually, the rates for the cloud services range from a few dollars to high-end packages. The rate given for the package is for every year. You should therefore be keener to know whether you can afford it.

Go with experienced companies

It is better to work with somebody, who have been in operation for long.  Young companies may lure you with large discount offers, but they might mess you up. Some have no in-depth knowledge on how to handle various issues.

Do not ignore the customer reviews

Nothing can give you a better view of the company‚Äôs services, than the views of those, who have been served by the provider previously.  If you notice there are more negative comments than positive ones, you should continue looking.

Understand the terms and conditions

Do not sign the contract, before you get to know, what exactly you are getting yourself into. Some unscrupulous providers may encourage you to sign agreements, which may put you in jeopardy in the future. If you are planning to install IP home security cameras, you may also want to find an off-site cloud based storage provider. This ensures that your footage stays in the cloud and hence, not vulnerable to access by burglars and hackers. However, this comes at a price and you are not in control of who gets to see your security footage. Hence, it is essential to find the best provider.

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