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Buying CCTV at home security system that is most suitable for your needs

Buying CCTV at home security system that is most suitable for your needs

A CCTV camera helps to capture images of what is taking place in your home. It is part of at home security system that is needed in order to have a safe home. However, before you go out there and decide to buy one, it is important to ensure that you get the one that will meet your needs.

Identifying your needs

Before going to the stores to buy, identify your needs. Determine the number of locations you would like to watch, where the cameras will be placed and how the lighting is on the areas you are targeting. Also, decide if you will have the cameras monitored live, or you will use playback in case of any problem, where the device for central recording will be set and the duration that the recordings will be saved. Determine if the cameras will need physical protection in case they can be vandalized in the area they will be located.

Determine the suitable features of the camera

Once you are aware of your needs, it will be easy to get a suitable CCTV for your at home security system. Choose the appropriate camera format and lens. This is one of the basic specifications of the CCTV. Go for cameras that are 1/3 and ΒΌ inches because they are ones appropriate for security work. Ensure that the lens matches the cameras format. The horizontal TV lines (TVL) measurements are also important. The higher the resolution, the better the camera can show details. The lowest is 380 though there is 420 which is alright for security work with 480 and 540 being high quality. Ensure that other equipment such as the monitor can handle your cameras resolution. For instance, if your camera has 540TVL, the monitor should also display at 540. There is no need to have a camera with high resolution if your monitor has lower.

Colored cameras are more suited for the job instead of black and white ones. This is because they can still take black and white videos in case there is low light while at the same time giving you the benefits of providing color videos to enable better identification of suspects. If the camera will be used at a single location, the best lens to use is fixed focus. For movable camera, use a varifocal lens that is adjustable allowing you to change the field of view when resetting camera. Note that a remotely controlled camera will need to be a PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera and it costs more. Check if the CCTV has DVR capabilities. The DVRs are much better than the old VCRs though more expensive. The good thing with DVRs is their ability to record based on whether there is movement or if the object is static. You also do not have to fast forward to watch a particular event. There is also no need to worry about tapes storage.

Camera housing

A CCTV camera for indoor use and placed far from reach does not need to be housed. However, if it is  placed outdoors, it will need housing to protect it from elements and vandalism.

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