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About Lock Bumping-Home Security Threats

About Lock Bumping-Home Security Threats

Lock bumping has become popular in the recent years.  This is because, most homeowners use cylinder locks for securing their homes. The problem with these locks is that they are easily manipulated, even with the simplest of tools.  Burglars use a special key, which is inserted into the lock and then, using as mallet they knock, so that the door opens without any hustle.  The bump key is readily available, even on the Internet. Since, the technique is not the preserve of experts, any thief or intruder can use to get into your home. Of all the existing home security threats, lock bumping is the easiest to run, for many burglars.

How old is lock bumping?

Lock bumping is not a new term; it has been largely used by locksmiths to get access to locks, which do not have keys.  Precisely, it has been in use for over 50 years, though the criminal world did not know of it.  Lock picking was the only way for thieves to get into people’s homes, which required training and specialized tools. This produces a lot of noise and leaves an indication, that there was a break in. On the contrary, lock bumping is relatively fast and quiet. In 2002, this technique was categorized as a security concern, by the authorities.

Prevention tips for a possible lock bumping incidence

Lock bumping has become an asset to burglars and all thanks to the Internet; they have all the information and they need to acquire the needed skills. However, you can prevent your home from being a victim of this criminal technique and other home security threats. Here are some of the measures you should take:

•    Employ chain latches on your exterior doors, if you are yet to. While this may not prevent a case of lock bumping, but it will bar the burglars from accessing your indoors. They are an inexpensive way of keeping thieves away.

•    Engage the services of a locksmith to modify your locks. They can add more pins to the lock, to make it unbearable for burglars to execute the process. This will take them sometime, before the door can give in, which means they can easily be caught. Modifying the locks is more cost effective than replacing them.

•    If possible replace the existing locks, with bump-resistant locks- Although they are more expensive, these locks do not bulge into lock bumping. The beauty with them is that you can save cost by performing a DIY installation. There are resources online, on how to fix locks and also instructions are well outlined on the package, when you buy.

•    Invest in a home security system- This will manage all the available home security threats. Most systems are able to send an alert to you and to the local authorities, when the locks are compromised.

Lock bumping is one of the most common home security threats. Make sure you apply the above measures, to prevent your locks from being accessed. However, ensure that you also prevent thieves from finding an easy ride to your property by locking doors and windows, as well as any other entry point.

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