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Keeping your Hardwood Flooring Ever Lustrous

Keeping your Hardwood Flooring Ever Lustrous

Hardwood floors are some of the most elegant choices of flooring in the market. Nevertheless, their cost is justified, since their look is timeless. They bring a natural feel into the house.  This though only happens, when you take good care of them. With a regular maintenance and cleaning routine, the hardwood flooring can go for many years before it calls for a replacement.  How do you go about it?

Dirt and dust are known culprits for causing damage to wooden floors. Hence, it is important that you keep them to a minimum. This you do with a broom with soft bristles. By doing this, you will be able to remove particles of dirt and dust, from the folds on the flooring.   Never use a coarse brush, to scrub the floor; it will only end up destroying the finish on the wood.

On weekly basis, vacuum the hardwood floor or often, if the room encounters heavy traffic.  To avoid scratching the floor, ensure to use the soft brush, which comes with the vacuum cleaner. As you vacuum the flooring, do not leave out the corners. This is because, dust tend to settle in less-frequented areas.  In addition, move the furniture to reach the underneath areas. They may not be visible, but their condition will determine how long your hardwood floor will serve you.

An open floor tends to collect dust and dirt fast.  By placing a couple of area rugs on the floor, will prevent it from getting dirty in the first place.  Keep these rugs in high traffic areas, such as in the entrance and along the hallway.  They not only cover your pricey flooring, but they create a wonderful effect in the room. The beauty with them is that, they come in variety of colors, patterns and shapes.  Once a week, take them out and shake the accumulated dirt. If possible, clean them thoroughly before applying them again. If you spill anything on the wooden floor, it is best you wipe it as soon as possible. When it stays there for long, it might pose challenges to you while cleaning. Use a damp mop to wipe off the spills. Nevertheless, water is a great enemy of a hardwood floor, so do not use a very wet mop. The moisture might infiltrate into the cracks and cause the panels to swell and eventually cracking.

For a shiny look on your wooden flooring, use polyurethane finish. It seals the wood and makes it appear glossy all through. While cleaning treated wood, use a cleaner with mild chemicals, so that you do not leave the floor looking dull and waxy. Finally, for those mainstay stains, use steel wool and some rubbing alcohol. If the stain seems like a die hard, simply use sandpaper and apply a sealant to cover the area and make it tie-in with the rest of the floor. Hardwood flooring calls for a substantial initial cost. Hence, good maintenance and regular cleaning schedule, will give you the value for your money.

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