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Handy Tips for Cleaning Grout

Handy Tips for Cleaning Grout

Tiles are a perfect choice for the floor surfaces of the kitchen and the bathroom. They are not only relegated to these locations. The tile flooring has found its way to the other rooms too, owing to their timeless look and the ease of maintenance.  Nevertheless, dirt and debris tends to shelter in the grout, which can ruin their beauty. How can you maintain the tiles in the best condition ever? First, tiles come in different materials including ceramic, granite, slate, and marble. Whichever type you choose, it is durable and with unmatched beauty. However, dirty grout can damage their lustrous appearance. Grout is nothing but the material they use to join and seal tiles. It comes in various types that is resin, flooring and cement grout. By knowing the material of the grout of your home, will enable you to employ the best cleaning strategies.

Grout is porous; hence, it is susceptible to stains, ruining the look of the tiles. To maintain looking nice, you will have to do occasional cleaning. Even for the sealed one, you will need to apply a new coat after some time. Get started by finding a drop cloth, arm yourself with a pair of rubber gloves, and open the windows.  Then, make the cleaning solution. Mix baking soda with a small amount of white vinegar. Use a brush or an old toothbrush, to scrub the grout and rinse with warm water. This will remove any debris and sanitize the area.
To prevent the grout from staining and water from infiltrating into the area, seal it with a silicon-based grout sealer. Apply one or two coats of the sealer. For stained grout, use shaving cream to spray the lines and leave it for some minutes, after which you scrub with a small brush.

For the diehard stains, mix baking soda and straight hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. When the bubbling quenches, use the paste on the grout and allow it a few minutes to settle. Scrub with a small brush. It will be difficult for any stain not bulge into this paste. Check out also for cracked grout and the loose ones. Repair the ones in bad condition. The cracks can allow water and dust to enter underneath the tiles, which can be destructive. Especially in the bathroom, where the floor remains wet for most times, a single crack could damage your marble flooring.

Always while cleaning the tiles, make an effort to reach out to the grout lines, if possible. It will make your weekly cleaning easy and less involving.  Lastly, if you have the entire home to clean the grout, you may consider engaging some professional services. They normally use high-pressure vapor, which not only dispels dirt, stains and grease but also eliminates mold, mildew and sanitizes. By implementing the above tips, your tiles will remain as the first time they were installed. Cleaning does not call for expertise unless in very dire situations, it is something you can do on weekends. You should try out this home keeping project.

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