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Controlling pests using a vacuum cleaner

Controlling pests using a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner can help you to control pests in your home. It provides a non-toxic way that is cheap of breaking the pet cycles. The steps below will help you to get rid of pests easily with your vacuum cleaner.

Select the vacuum cleaner

Choose a suitable vacuum cleaner for controlling the pest. The vacuum should have a hose so that it can remove bugs from overhead and irregular surfaces. It should also have a rotating brush in order to remove bugs from the carpets. Vacuum cleaners with extension tubes and long hose are best suited for removing bugs. The vacuum should be configured to maximum power. Clean your home by vacuuming regularly. This way, the bugs will not have anything to eat and will keep of your home. Ensure that food is in sealed containers where the bugs cannot reach it. Vacuum all the corners, shelves, carpets and floors including under objects where dirt can settle.

Vacuuming the bugs


Use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the spider webs and reduce the spider population. A spider web is the home of a spider and it is where it procreates and stores its food. Removing the web reduces the chances of spider populating your home because it has nowhere to survive and the eggs that are in the web will not hatch. Remove all the webs even in high places using a canister vacuum and areas difficult to reach such as in the cracks and nooks where spiders hide using a hand held vacuum.


If coach roaches are left without being controlled, they can grow in numbers in a short while. This is because a cockroach lays many eggs in an egg purse or ootheca, which are dropped wherever it goes. Even if they are dead, cockroaches can cause respiratory illnesses through the fecal matter, exoskeleton and other body parts. You can use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter to get rid of these cockroaches and their body parts. Get rid of ootheca to prevent further breeding. Look for them in shelves, drawers, cabinets and all hiding places that the cockroaches may have hid. Clean the vacuumed area with soap and get rid of the trash.


Your vacuum cleaner can also be useful in getting rid of stinkbugs. This will prevent accidental squashing where you can get their stench. Vacuum them from windows and walls and wherever else they are. You can also vacuum them from exterior walls if the cleaner can reach that far.


In as much as ladybugs may be useful in your garden, they also emit bad smell and may also cause allergy reactions. If they are a problem, vacuum them up and take them into the garden. To prevent them from coming back, put cloves on windowsills and on cracks and can also wipe with clove oil. Other pests that can be controlled using a vacuum cleaner are silverfish, fleas, dust mites and Indian meal moths.

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