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A helpful guide about cleaning the bathroom

A helpful guide about cleaning the bathroom

To start with, the first thing that you should really focus on when cleaning your bathroom is to clean the toilet. Well, this is a task that no one really likes but it is something that you have to do it anyway. Wearing some rubber gloves will really help you a lot in keeping your hands free from bacteria and grime. Use some hot soapy water to rub your toilet gently and loosen up everything.

Once this is done, squirt your toilet cleaner in the bowl and all around the trim and allow it to soak for some time. Use a toilet brush to scrub your toilet thoroughly and flush it once you are finished. After you have completed cleaning the bowl, start by cleaning outside surfaces and use a disinfectant spray to clean them and use a paper towel or cloth to wipe them dry.

Cleaning the tub and shower should your next agenda when you want to give your home a complete make over. Showers are essentially very notorious as they tend to get grimy very quickly and you will need a bristled brush and a shower cleaner to get things done. Dish washing liquid can be a great alternative to the shower cleaner and you can use either to clean off the shower. Finally, make sure that you use antibacterial cleanser to thoroughly clean and kill off the bacteria.

Applying car wax on your showers can really help a lot in making your shower stay cleaner for a much long time. Avoid using the wax on the floor since you might end up slipping and this might result in an accident. If you have a washroom mirror glass, you can clean it using dish soap and some ammonia and you will have it become very clean.
Cleaning the sink is something else that must be done properly if you want to give your entire bathroom and overall good look. Most sinks are usually pretty heavy duty and you will need to ensure that the cleaner that you are using is good for the surface. After confirming that it is good, carefully spray it down and let it remain for about a minute so that it can eat the mildew and bacteria away after which you use a sturdy sponge and grease to clean it.

Also, don’t forget to clean the mirrors and mirrors in your bathroom as they also need to be sparkling clean as well. Most people usually think that they can use a glass cleaner to do the cleaning but the truth of the matter is that it makes it sparkly and certainly not clean. So, don’t think that this should be substituted for soapy water particularly if you have a dirty mirror. The bathroom floor needs to be scrubbed clean and the right type of cleaning agent should also be used as well. It is essential that you do your homework well in order to find environmentally friendly cleaners that can get the job done perfectly well without resulting in any harmful effects either on you or to the environment.

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