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Three Stocking Stuffing Theme Ideas

Three Stocking Stuffing Theme Ideas

Christmas stockings are one of the most exciting parts of the holidays for everyone, because they can be filled with exciting extra little gifts and candies that don’t cost a lot of money, but really reflect the person you’re giving the gift to. Making each person a stocking that thoroughly suits their personality can be extra fun and exciting for the person making the stocking and the person unloading it. Here are several ideas for stocking stuffer themes that can be applied to any person in your family and are guaranteed to make their Christmas morning.


Hobby Stocking

A hobby stocking can be filled with little pieces of whatever the person’s favorite hobby is, or with gift cards that facilitate the hobby itself. For example, if your loved one is interested in dollhouses, you can fill their stocking with tiny furniture and gift cards for hobby stores. Or, if the person receiving the stocking is into cars, you can get them a few small toy cars and then, again gift cards to a car repair store. Basically, anything smaller and representative of their interests while still including something useful can show someone that you pay attention to what’s important to them.


Helpful Stocking

Another stocking idea may not be quite as fun, but can be a blessing disguised as a stocking stuffer. If you know your recently college-bound child is struggling financially, or your adult sister is harried and doesn’t have time to keep her house as clean as she would like, you could go for the helpful stocking stuffer idea. For the poor college student, small gift cards to different restaurants or grocery stores can be exceedingly helpful, as can candy filler around the cards, and the busy sibling could maybe benefit from a Group On for a house cleaning, or even a homemade coupon book offering a night of babysitting or offering to help with laundry a of couple times.


Romantic Stocking

Finally, a stocking for your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend, this one can be especially fun because this is the person you know the best, and most gifts can involve you too! You can include a gift card for a romantic dinner or a homemade coupon book offering a shoulder massage or a home-cooked favorite meal. Filled with chocolates and maybe a piece of jewelry or special bottle of wine, the romantic stocking can be tailored to one romantic night or a whole year of smaller romantic favors, it’s up to you. It’s only limited by your imagination.


As you can see, there are many different options for a themed stocking, and you are only limited by your imagination. When trying to decide what type of theme to go with, try to decide what will make the person receiving the stocking happiest, and be useful while also being fun. Stockings aren’t meant to replace gifts, but adding a little something extra to sweeten the pot will help make the holidays extra memorable and will be extra appreciated by everyone involved.

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