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Fighting off the Aliens this Year

These movies draw inspiration from comic book characters of the same name and have proven to be great entertainment over the past fifteen years or so for all the sci-fi lovers out there. Who doesn’t remember Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith fighting off the myriad of crazy aliens in these movies that were interspersed with loads of dry humor? So the Men in Black (and women of course) will be an easy theme party this year. Send out your black and white invitations and add a few pink worms to the design or UFO’s requesting the pleasure of your friends company and encouraging them to dress as any of the characters from these movies. Black hats, black sunglasses, black tuxedos are the name of the game. Of course they can dress as the local postman or any one of the hilarious or terrifying alien characters in the movie or bring Frank the Pug with or dress up as Rosenberg, Edgar the Bug or K.


Memorabilia and More

Black and white layered table cloths (or chequered) for your tables and Christmas trees covered with fake snow and your favorite characters will take you all for a trip down memory lane. Hang silver spaceships from your tree and dot pics of your favorite characters from these movies around your home. You will also need to follow through on the black and white theme for your crockery and glasses wherever possible. Buy sour candy worms and decorate your tables with these and find some jack in the box scary kind of paraphernalia to jump out and scare your guests on the odd occasion to add to the humor. If you can’t find memorabilia then make some alien creature artwork and objects to set the scene. Create a photo opportunity in one corner that is specially designed for such a purpose with a M.I.B. poster and UFO in the background. Play your favorite sound tracks from the movies and get everyone dancing.


Black and White Food

Only kidding! You definitely don’t need to provide black and white food but you could maybe offer small black and white menu’s setting out your courses for the evening. Black and white candles and flowers will also add to the mystery and make for classy touches amongst the other garish offerings you have scattered about. Another personal touch would be to provide gift boxes in checks, stripes and dots that are filled with candy and pretty bath treats. Because this essentially a black and white party with a difference it should be simple to find a lot of banners, tinsel and confetti to decorate your home with. Serve up a traditional dinner with the odd crunchy bits in between to keep your guests wondering as to what is actually in the food.  Make it a night to remember and keep the spirit alive and well with M.I.B.

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