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Black and Red and You’re good to go

These are two colors that are just so convenient in the winter months because everyone has them. So if you don’t want your guests to go to too much trouble this is a convenient theme party but can also be a dramatic one. The men will be dressed in their gorgeous tuxedos with a red tie or bow tie and handkerchief and the ladies will add sparkle with their beautiful evening dresses and lots of bling to round things off. Even if you go for a more casual look this theme will be an easy choice for all of your guests.


Your Black and Red Venue

Decorate your front door with a black and red Christmas wreath for your first impression. Once that door is open let the first view your guests have be of red and black roses or tulips interspersed with a touch of greenery. If you don’t want flowers then fill your vases with red and black “fascinators” on sticks. Wrap your tinsel decorations around your tree and place banners on your walls to make the mood more festive and remind everyone it is time to relax. Turn on the golden oldies and Christmas carols and remember to hang your Holly in doorways to encourage the romance this year as nothing is quite as romantic as red complemented with black. 


Decorating your Dinner Table

White table cloths with black and red overlays together with Christmas crackers, big glass beads, licorice sticks or chocolates all wrapped in your theme colors and scattered on your table will add to the attraction. Be more dramatic and leave out the white and place a solid black cloth on your table and dot a few red objects around. If you don’t have red crockery and glassware then simply purchase red serviettes and wrap bead work or tinsel around your glasses. Red wine is an attraction in itself on a cold day and its rich red tones are enough to warm the cockles of the coldest hearts so be sure to have enough on hand for your guests and show them how much you appreciate their presence on a cold, snowy evening.


Dinner Time

No red and black food necessary for this theme party thank goodness. Just appetizing snacks to start off the occasion and these may include the hot or cold variety. Asparagus wrapped in salmon or bacon wrapped around cheese sticks.  Yummy! Ok – forget the cold food for now. A main course of beef and chicken with roast potatoes and creamed or roasted vegetables sounds like just the thing for a hungry tummy. Cook up some lasagne and soups to go with the main course. For desserts red velvet and black forest cakes in keeping with your theme will be an absolutely divine way to end the evening and send your guests on their way happy and satiated and looking forward to more next year this time. 

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