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To Be or Not to Be

Anyone who enjoys a good movie or favorite television series will appreciate this theme. Select your favorite character from Patrick Jane of the Mentalist, James Bond or a Vampire from any one of the more recent productions to dress up as. Whether you decide to go old school from Gone with the Wind or select a more recent character, dressing up is always an event and puts one in a more festive mood. What a great way to get out of your familiar, comfortable, boring habits and do something different for a change.


Preparing for your Movie Theme Party

Send out your invitations with a collage of movie characters inviting your guests to dress as their favorite hero or heroine for your movie night. Purchase a bunch of posters and memorabilia to decorate your home. Marilyn Monroe is always a glamorous choice and the Vampires of Transylvania will provide a dark, dramatic, ghoulish effect. Select monochrome or color but go over the top with big pics for your walls and smaller touches on your tables. Fairy wands topped with pics of characters from Glee and all the tinsel and banners you can find to dress your home will make it look as if you have walked into a Hollywood movie studio.


Set aside a special smoking room and place a few hats and chocolate cigars in the space to represent characters like Clark Gable and the Godfather. Make the area look like an old speakeasy and play some R&B or jazz softly in the background. Create themes in different spaces such as placing 101 Dalmations spotted cushions on your chairs and couches. Use your space well and decorate a corner with memorabilia like stuffed lions or monkeys to represent the Madagascar movies or the Lion King. Find a movie projector and play old movies in another room where your guests can sit and reminisce about the good old days or the younger people can marvel at this ancient technology. 


The Hollywood Menu

Make this a grand occasion and serve up an elaborate menu for the event. Be as exotic as you possibly can with different fondue dishes, dips, shrimps and caviar. Let the champagne and chocolate fountains flow liberally and serve up strawberries and litchis for dipping. Mix up your foods with olive and chocolate snacks, sweet and sour shrimp, cheese, young berry and honey savories, green and red peppers filled with cottage cheese and fruit and anything else that you can think up. Serve candies and iced lollies with different flavored, ice-creams in a myriad of crazy containers. Provide an old fashioned or super modern bar in a communal area that will match your menu and let the good times roll. Make up stylish gift bags filled with exotic candies, miniature soaps and incense and other treats for your guests to take home. Make this a night to remember!

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