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A Snazzy Way to Entertain

Sometimes it is not easy to come up with a new idea that is practical for entertaining but a cocktail theme party does seem like a good idea. Even if you don’t drink alcohol a cocktail can be made from a variety of ingredients and still be tasty. It probably won’t be a winner amongst your more adventurous guests but it will ensure they remain sober. But try something different this year and invite your guests to come up with the most outrageous cocktail recipe that they can. The criteria for outrageous can be based on taste, color or the kick it provides. As long as it doesn’t taste vile then it is acceptable. Judge on the aesthetic appeal as well. This idea is sure to get your guests into a festive mood and it allows them to become creative, bring their own drinks and do a bunch of taste swaps throughout the evening.


Cocktail Snacks with Cocktail Drinks

As the hostess you will need to provide snacks for your guests to go with the abundance of drinks that they will taste throughout the evening. Make snacks that are substantial and filling enough to line their stomachs so that they don’t experience too many side effects from over indulging. Plenty of different breads such as Portuguese rolls, brioche’s, baguettes, ciabatta, focaccia, pumpkin, rye and other interesting treats will fill them up. Your fillings and toppings should include rich cheeses and cold meats. It might also be wise to keep a few contact numbers available for taxi services to ferry guests home who have had a little too much to drink. It is all well and good to have a festive theme party but highly irresponsible to drink and drive. So be kind and ensure your guests have a safe trip home after the evening’s festivities. 


The Best Cocktail in the West

You will need a bar area first and foremost together with loads of cocktail glasses, a blender or two, drink mixers, salt, mint, olives, strawberries, lemons and other accessories for the winning drink. If one of your guests knows how to flare then all the better or you may even consider hiring a professional bar tender for the evening to mix the recipes supplied by your guests. Once the winning cocktails have been created for all to see then it is time for everyone to have a taste. You can nominate a few judges or leave the option open to those with more experienced taste buds. Keep it fun and light hearten and try not to drink each cocktail down all at once. It could be a very long evening so eat a lot between each event. You can provide the winner with their own blender or drink mixer to celebrate the occasion and share the best cocktail recipes with all your friends to sample for the rest of the season. Bottoms up everyone!

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