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Friends Caring for one another

Unless you are super wealthy it is impossible to purchase gifts for twenty or thirty of your closest friends and family members. Many families actually just confine their gift giving to children. This year however get all your friends together and suggest that everyone purchase a gift of a certain value for the guys and girls. At least this way everyone will receive a wonderful gift to take home with them.


Decorating Elves and Fairies

I know this heading is a tad misleading but it is meant to be. Usually one thinks of Santa’s little helpers assisting you with your chores. But this time it is a bit different. It is not necessary for you to do everything by yourself for a party so get your friends to join in the fun and help you decorate your home. Anything goes here so the rule is that whatever your friend’s bring as decorations, have to be used. If they choose to bring something really arbitrary like themselves dressed as an elf or fairy – then they must form part of the decor for the evening. Christmas tree tinsel, baubles and angels are a must, whether the decorations are edible or not – they must go up somewhere. 


Sharing the Menu

Having friends support you in supplying food and drinks is also a good way to save time, money and energy so that you actually have time to catch up with your guests rather than playing the formal hostess for the entire evening. This type of sharing provides for a relaxed, comfortable evening.  Five for five!  Five friends bring and prepare the starters, another five the main meal and another five the desserts and everyone brings their favorite beverage. What could be easier and more fun? Each course will be a surprise to be enjoyed by everyone.


Gifts for Everyone

It is often quite difficult selecting gifts so make a list of how many men and women will be coming and then make suggestions. Better yet, assign a gift purchase for a specific person to everyone as long as it isn’t their wife, husband or partner. Suggestions for gifts could include digital books or hard copies for the bookworms. Camping or hiking gear for your nature loving buddies whilst orchids will make for welcome presents for most ladies. Jerseys, shirts or ties are good for guys and any bath gifts are fit for the girls. If anyone hits a blank then gift cards are really useful. These can be purchased at many all-purpose retailers, music or book stores. 


While we are speaking about caring and sharing, another alternative is for your guests to bring donations for a local charity, be it an old age home or pet shelter.  Any and all help at this time of the year will be welcomed by them and caring and sharing is the theme so make it work for everyone.

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